Rob Fink: It’s Beer Time!

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Rob Fink, Borderstan’s new beer columnist. (Brian Hussein Stanton)

Borderstan is happy to introduce a new columnist to the team, Rob Fink. Rob will let us know everything there is to know about beer. We had a little chat with him and he explained what his new column will be about.

Borderstan: Tell us a little bit about yourself? 

Fink: I’m a paralegal by day while being a graduate student in Literature, avid homebrewer, unadulterated beer geek, coffee/espresso enthusiast and drummer by night. If you don’t find me reading Samuel Beckett, formulating my next beer recipe while having a beer, dialing in the grind for a ristretto shot or complaining about blisters from drumming too much, then something is wrong.

Borderstan: You have an education that does not normally lead to becoming a beer connoisseur ? Fill us in on that!

Fink: Interestingly enough, there really isn’t a particular field of study, at least traditionally, that “allows” you to become fully enamored with beer and all of its idiosyncrasies. Studying Literature isn’t as correlated to beer as say, organic chemistry, but as an aspiring literary critic, having a penchant for knowledge goes a long way in helping to provide a better cultural and philosophical understanding of where beer comes from.

Borderstan: Why is beer important?

Fink: Historically, it has bound societies together and forged vibrant, community-driven relationships. From the ancient Egyptians to their contemporary American counterparts, beer has primarily been an artisan expression and one that everyone enjoys, regardless of class or gender or what have you.

Additionally, the beer in your glass, the food on your plate and the people you surround yourself with all have the ability to become culturally significant parts in the broader scheme of things. For that reason alone, beer and its interrelationships are worthy of unfettered exploration.

Borderstan: Tell us what this column will be about?  

Fink: Beer, of course!  In all seriousness, from local breweries to style profiles, from restaurants redefining what beer and food are capable of, to what’s a must-have on tap in the neighborhood, beer is practically seeping out of the concrete in Borderstan. I can only hope to capture and harness some of that beauty.

Borderstan: What have we missed… what would you like to add.

Fink: Craft and/or artisan beer has been able to constantly evolve and become popularized while maintaining its underlying ethos. These days, innovation is as palpable in the brew house as it is in the kitchen. Never has there been a moment like this one in this neighborhood, in this city or in this country, for that matter. We should all sit down with good friends and good beer and celebrate the moment.

Don’t miss Rob’s column in the following weeks. And, cheers!

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