Meet Adam Stempel: Candidate for ANC 2F-02

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The deadline for filing to run for a seat on DC’s Advisory Neighborhood Commission is past, and the election is November 6. In the Borderstan area, there are 21 Single Member District (SMD) seats up for grabs on the November 6 ballot in three different local ANCs: 2B/Dupont2F/Logan and 1B, which includes most of the U Street corridor.

"Adam Stempel"

Adam Stempel Candidate for ANC 2F-02. (Courtesy Adam Stempel)

So now, it is time to meet your candidates. Here at Borderstan.com, we will introduce you to your neighbors who are campaigning to represent you on the local ANCs. Closer to the election, we will have follow-up interviews with the candidates on specific issues related to their areas.

Adam Stempel is running for ANC 2F-02, the Logan Circle ANC that has seen significant growth in recent years, in both residents and new businesses. SMD 02 runs from Logan Circle to 15th Street NW and from Q Street south to Rhode Island Avenue. Here’s a little bit more about Stempel who is facing James Baker and Walt Cain on the ballot.

Borderstan: Why did you decide to run in your neighborhood’s ANC race this year? Also, have you run before and/or been an ANC commissioner before?

Stempel: When I started going to ANC meetings in the spring and talking with my friends about them, I was surprised by how many people had never heard of an ANC — even longtime DC residents. I decided that someone needed to put more emphasis on reaching out to new parts of the community and that I am well-equipped to be that person.

Borderstan: How many years have you lived in your [ANC] neighborhood? How long have you been in DC?

Stempel: Although I’ve only lived in ANC 2F for a little over a year, I feel more attached to it than anywhere else I’ve lived. I came looking for an apartment, but I found a neighborhood.

Borderstan: How are you currently involved in your community?

Stempel: Primarily through the ANC, attending Logan Circle and DC events and just chatting with neighbors.


Click for a larger image: The new ANC 2F/Logan map for the 2012 election. (DC Board of Elections)

Borderstan: If elected to the ANC, what will be your main areas of focus/concern – and why?

Stempel: Outreach and transparency. Those sound obvious, but since so much of what the ANC does is represent the community’s interest, it’s vital that we increase awareness of the Commission and its role. Everyone has a stake in Logan Circle’s development, and it’s the job of the ANC to represent all our constituents’ perspectives. The ANC should also collaborate more with local businesses to strengthen relationships.

Borderstan: What do you hope to contribute to your community while on the ANC?

Stempel: I want to spread the sense of investment that I feel–the more residents that take ownership of their neighborhood, the more productive the ANC can be, and the more the community will thrive.

Borderstan: What do you think gives you an edge over other candidate(s) running in your district?

Stempel: I’m young, but I’m in it for the long haul. I’m committed to bringing more people into the neighborhood conversation, and I understand what the ANC can do to make the community stronger.

Borderstan: What is your day job and is there a connection to how your day job would assist you in being a commissioner?

Stempel: I’m a consultant to the federal government, working at the Department of Transportation. Commissioners need to have collaborative working relationships with each other, the community and government entities at large, and that’s pretty much my job.

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