DC On The Rise: Another Round of Applause From The Times

by Borderstan.com August 27, 2012 at 5:00 pm 1,298 0

"Howard Times"

The newly restored Howard Theatre is the focus of an article in “The New York Times.” (Luis Gomez Photos)

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The Borderstan neighborhood is continuing to generate national attention as more than just residents take note of the area’s transformations. From 14th Street to U Street, and even some areas of Columbia Heights, the neighborhood is in the national spotlight for its revitalization. “An Encore in Washington,” published two weekends ago in The New York Times about the revival of the Howard Theatre and the neighborhood, is the latest to join the collection of the neighborhood’s positive press.

“Many see the theater’s rebirth as the most recent sign that the neighborhood is on the rise,” writes the article’s author, Sarah Wildman. “Suddenly streets that had emptied because of a rise in crime are filled with people.”

In the article, Wildman goes on to cite some popular additions to the neighborhood that couple with its upswing, including Bistro Bohem, Shaw’s Tavern, Seasonal Pantry, Sundevich, Blind Dog Café and a recent point of controversy for some critics, Brixton.

While it is nice to receive applause and some national attention, one thing is for sure: The collection of articles from The Times focuses on the shiny, monetarily driven high rise apartment and trendy restaurant surface of what is really happening in our neighborhood. Yes, the area is becoming the city’s epicenter for food, fashion and culture with each new restaurant opening and restored million-dollar condo, but these stories paint a false picture of the area’s past and future struggles with gentrification.

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