Rachel Jones: Understanding Your Dog

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"Dog Trainer"

Rachel Jones joins the Borderstan team of columnist.s (Courtesy Rachel Jones)

Borderstan is happy to introduce a new columnist to the team, Rachel Jones.

Jones will help us to better understand our pets in order to have a healthier and more relaxed relationship with them. Jones owns K9 Divine, an obedience training and behavior consultation service that not only trains dogs in the neighborhood, but also offers the option of taking your pets to a farm where they can spend the day running and playing with their mates.

Recently, we sat down with Jones to get to know her and her businesses.

Borderstan: Tell us a little bit about yourself? How long have you been in DC? and how did you end up here?

Jones: I came to DC in 1994 to attend Georgetown University and never left.

Borderstan: How long have you been in Borderstan?

Jones: I bought my house in Borderstan five-and-a-half years ago.

Borderstan: You have an education that does not normally lead to becoming a dog trainer? Fill us in on that!

Jones: I was a Spanish major and spent my first six years as a Spanish-to-English translator. I was terribly bored and depressed in the job, and I noticed that every evening when I came home and saw my dogs that I would instantly feel happy. So I decided to quit my job and become a dog trainer.

Borderstan: How did you become a dog trainer?

Jones: I went to an internship program in New York to learn how to train dogs, did a lot of independent study and volunteered at the Washington Humane Society.

Borderstan: Why is important to have a dog trainer?

Jones: It is important to learn how to communicate effectively with your dog so that you can have a happy and relaxing relationship together.

Borderstan: Tell us about your farm? What do the dogs do there?

Jones: Our farm is located in Harwood, Maryland, which is close to Annapolis. It is a former horse farm and has 13 acres of fully fenced pastures. We pick up dogs in DC and drive them out to the farm to play all day, then drive them home in the evening. There is a house on the property with a full-time staff person, so the dogs can board there as well.

Borderstan: What have we missed… what would you like to add?

Jones: It is so important for dogs to be able to run outside, off leash. It really improves their temperament to be able to get out of the city and act like dogs all day.

Look for Jones’ columns in the following weeks.

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