13th Street: Nice to Meat You

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"13th Street"

Scott McIntosh and Chad America of 13th Street Meats. (Luis Gomez Photos)

From Dan Segal. Email him at dsegal[AT]borderstan.com and find him on Twitter @segaldg.

As a city, DC is not really known for having a regional food item. Especially when compared with the other large cities of the Northeast. For New York, it’s pizza; for Philly, it’s the cheesesteak; and for Boston, it’s the chowdah’. But there is one item that DC put on the map: The half-smoke.

Thanks to Ben’s Chili Bowl, sausages have become the patron food of the district, and Chad America and Scott McIntosh of 13th Street Meats are helping to spread the gospel to the Borderstan faithful.

13th Street Meats is a year-old, local area sausage startup that is converting the masses one link at a time.  You can find their half-smokes at a monthly pop-up shop held at Pharmacy Bar in Adams Morgan, or on the menus at several other local bars, including U Street Music Hall, Dodge City, and Black Cat (the highly-demanded pho dogs from U Street Music Hall are made with 13th Street Meats’ sausages). Their sausages are even included on the menu at the presidentially approved restaurant, Boundary Stone.

Grill them! (Luis Gomez Photos)

13th Street Meats sausage choices include:

  • A traditional half-smoke
  • Thai chicken
  • Chorizo
  • Roasted poblano
  • Lemon-basil chicken.

Luckily for fans of meat in tube form (insert sexual innuendo joke here), 13th Street Meats is said to be looking for a brick-and-mortar location in the DC area where they will have both retail and sit-in options to devour tasty sausage.

Ideas for Convention Dogs

Seeing as this week is the start of the Republican National Convention, I leave you with an idea for two convention-themed dogs to chow down on using 13th Street Meats’ sausages:

  • The ‘murica dog: Cue the patriotic music and light some fireworks: this dog is straight artery-clogging American. Start with the traditional half-smoke (because Thai chicken, poblano, and chorizo are just so foreign sounding and this is ‘murica). Wrap the half-smoke in bacon and fry it up in a pan. Cover it with a slathering of sweet cream cheese, then top with sliced scallions and crispy chopped garlic. Make sure to use a potato roll. None of that fancy bun nonsense.
  • The “a hotdog a day keeps the doctor away” dog: Healthcare is a hot issue in this year’s election. It’s possible you may soon not have healthcare or be able to afford it, so you’re going to need to make sure to stay healthy and get your daily dose of vitamins and nutrients. Use the lemon-basil sausage; it’s a healthier option because it is made with chicken. Pair this with fresh arugula, a toasted wheat bun, and a dollop of homemade spicy yogurt sauce (I like to make mine with lemon juice, yogurt, and a squeeze of sriracha sauce).

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