Food and Development: The Italians are Coming!

by Borderstan.com September 13, 2012 at 12:00 pm 2,175 7 Comments


Food and development combine to change  the 14th Street corridor. Next up: Italian.(Luis Gomez Photos)

From Luis Gomez. Catch his photos at One Photograph A Day. Follow him on Twitter @LuisGomezPhotos.

The Italians are coming. Among the many restaurants due to open on 14th Street NW, at least eight of them have an Italian-based cuisine and two of them will bring Mediterranean flavor to the area. A mid-afternoon stroll along 14th from south of Rhode Island Avenue north to Florida Avenue shows not only how the corridor is changing, but also how many of these new restaurants are preparing their spaces.

The 14th Street corridor has become a hub of fine dining and it’s about to become a lot more Italianno.

Here a list of where we hope to be eating in the coming months. Many of them are still under construction and with no official name or opening date.

One Italian restaurant already on the strip is Posto at 1515 14th Street NW. The Mediterranean flavor will be brought to the corridor by Barcelona Wine at 1622 14th Street and Kapnos by Mike Isabella at 2201 14th Street.

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  • Ben

    Meanwhile, a bagel shop continues to elude the neighborhood…

    • Emanuela

      It would be great to have a “Paul” or “Le Pain Quotidien”in the area!

  • Philly

    Dreaming of a place with decent gravy. What I’d give to have a reasonably priced, authentic Italian joint in this city!

  • GoonieGooGoo

    Italian food….BORING.

  • NCjohn

    The place at 1401 T Street (not 14th), “a rustic Italian place from the hands of Med Lahlou”, has been vacant for at least a year now, with no one even working on it. Do we know for sure that this Italian restaurant is coming? If so, when? Such a prime location, would be great to see something open up there soon.

    • NCjohn

      It looks like an alcohol permit was approved in May 2012, but no action on the building since that either.

  • David

    The owners or developers at 1610 14th St (the former HR-57, next to Pearl Dive) have posted a vintage photo of the building (it’s beautiful) with the caption: “The Ghibellina is proud to announce that we are restoring the facade of this building to its mid-century condition.” The business in place at the time was “National Service Co.”, with signs for Firestone tires visible in the window. (What is now Pearl Dive was also a ‘tire & rubber’ company.


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