Meet the Women Behind Gordy’s Pickle Jar

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"Pickle Jar"

Sarah Gordon and Sheila Fain The women behind Gordy’s. (Courtesy Gordy’s)

It’s really hard not to dig Gordy’s Pickle Jar. After all, it’s owned and operated by two kick-ass Borderstan women, and they make pickles using local sustainable ingredients. Even Esquire agrees.

The small batch artisanal pickling company (read: limited, so go pick up a jar immediately) began in October 2011, and is named after co-owner Sarah Gordon’s dad, with whom she shares a mutual love of pickles. Along with co-owner Sheila Fain, they produce four varieties of pickles in a community kitchen on 9th &V St.

  • Signature sweet chips are bread and butter pickles with hints of garlic and ginger;
  • Hot Chili  Spears includes a spiked brine with chili peppers;
  • Thai basil jalapeño pickle are brined in spices that balance the heat, including peppercorn and fennel;
  • Sweet pepper relish a savory relish of cucumbers, peppers and onion, pickled together in their signature sweet brine.

“We love pickling because it allows us to preserve the season. We take a vegetable that’s currently in season and enjoy it year round,” said Sheila.

While the 16 oz jars of pickled products may cost a little more at $10 per jar, you’re getting organic cucumbers prepared using a pickling process that helps preserve the natural crunch of the vegetable. And you’re supporting two local women who have self-financed their own business.

“You make incredible personal sacrifices, work around the clock. It’s about growing carefully, even if that means growing a little slowly,” said Fain.

You can pick up Gordy’s Pickle products online and at more than forty retail locations across the country, including Whole Foods, Smucker Farms, Cork and Seasonal Pantry in our neighborhood. If you would like to meet the owners, head over to the Fresh Farm Market in Penn Quarter on Thursdays.

Oh, and their next pickled project? Okra. Just try and beat me to their booth.

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