Evans Proposes Three Bills, Including Education and the Arts

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"Jack Evans"

Ward 2 Councilmember Jack Evans. (Luis Gomez Photos)

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At Wednesday’s City Council meeting, Ward 2 Councilmember Jack Evans introduced three pieces of legislation affecting education and the arts, contracting and taxation in the District. The Dupont-Logan area is part of Ward 2.

Education and the Arts

The “Public School Librarians, Art and Music Teacher Act of 2012” requires each DC public school to have a full-time librarian, art teacher and music teacher.

According to a recently published article in The Huffington Post, DC Public Schools announced last May that it was cutting allocated funding for librarians at schools with less than 300 students. As a result, 58 of 124 DC schools started the 2012 school year without librarians.

“It’s hard for me to believe that we continue to invest nearly $2 billion a year into our public schools, with the highest per-pupil funding formula in the nation, and yet have one of the worst educational outcomes in the nation,” said Evans in a press release statement. “This suggests to me that our money is not being spent in the right places.”


The “Council Contract Review Repeal Act of 2012” limits the way the Council is able to intervene in the contracting process. With this piece of legislation, Evans hopes to eliminate ethical violations that occur with vendor selection by ensuring that contracting is merit-based.

Commuter Tax

Evans also introduced a Sense of the Council Resolution related to the possibility of a commuter tax. This piece of legislation would apply taxes to Virginia and Maryland residents who frequently travel into the District for work.

“Many Virginia and Maryland residents take advantage of the infrastructure and business opportunities offered within the District every day, and yet don’t contribute to its upkeep through their income tax dollars,” said Evans. According to a press release issued by Evans’ office, Evans is believed to have Republican support on the commuter tax proposal.

For more information on these pieces of legislation, visit www.jackevans.org or contact Evans’ office at (202) 724-8058.

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