Borderstan People: MPD 2nd District Commander Michael Reese

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Welcome to another of our occasional profiles of Borderstan People — interesting and sometimes even well-known people who happen to work or live in the Dupont-Logan-U Street area. Today’s profile Q&A is with Michael Reese, Second District Commander for the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD). Police Service Area 208 in MPD’s Second District covers the Dupont neighborhood in Police Service Area (PSA) 208; see map below. Also, see the profile of Third District Commander Jacob Kishter.


Commander Michael Reese of the MPD’s Second District. (Courtesy MPD)

This is the fourth in our series of profiles of MPD personnel who work in Borderstan. Our first police profile was of Diane Groomes, Assistant Chief in charge of the Patrol Services and School Security Bureau. Our second profile was of Third District Commander Jacob Kishter and our third profile was of Second District Commander Michael Reese.

Borderstan: First, a little bit about your personal background. Where did you grow up? When did you decide you wanted to be a police officer?

Reese: I grew up in Hammond, Indiana. My uncle was a police officer and retired as a police officer. I developed an interest at an early age. Just prior to attending Indiana State University, Northwest Indiana residents lost thousands of jobs as many job were transferred overseas. I became interested in police work because of the nature of the work and for job security.

Borderstan: When did you join the MPD? Were you an officer at another law enforcement agency?

Reese: The first department I was with was the Gary, Indiana, Police Department. I joined MPD on September 16, 1985.


Click for a larger map: MPD’s 2nd District includes Dupont’s PSA 208 in the lower right-hand corner. (Courtesy MPD)

Borderstan: What positions have you held in the MPD? How long have you served in the Borderstan area?

Reese: Officer, Detective, Vice Sergeant, Detective Sergeant, Patrol Lieutenant, Detective Lieutenant, Patrol Captain, Detectives Captain, Internal Affairs Captain, Director of School Security (Inspector), Patrol Inspector, Commander. I have been Commander of the Second District since January 9, 2011.

Borderstan: What’s the most rewarding part of your job… your years as an officer in DC?

Reese: Helping others.

Borderstan: What’s the most challenging part of your job?

Reese: Solving challenging cases, providing day to day services that facilitate a peaceful quality of life, and ensuring that the community remains safe.

Borderstan: What does a “typical” day entail?

Reese: Reviewing crime reports; deploying resources; communication with citizens, supervisors, subordinates, and other law enforcement agencies; resource management; union issues.

Borderstan: What recommendations or tips do you have for citizens to help them stay safe? What can citizens do to become more involved in MPD’s efforts?

Reese: Be mindful of your surroundings, don’t leave valuables visible in vehicles, and secure your home by closing windows and locking door when people are asleep or not at home.

Borderstan: Anything else you would like to share with the readers of Borderstan about your life or working in MPD?

Reese: Borderstan is a vibrant and diverse area. I live in Bloomingdale, and I have many friends in the area as well. I truly enjoy providing this service to the people that live, work and visit the area.

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