Ready To Play: The Board Room Bar

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The Board Room bar on Connecticut Avenue NW. (Luis Gomez Photos)

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Fourteenth Street isn’t the only area in Borderstan that is home to new bars. The brand new (and recently renovated) Board Room opened its doors late last week in Dupont Circle at 1737 Connecticut Avenue NW. We had a chance to swing by and experience the new bar’s… “game.”

The details:

  • The bar is entirely board-game-focused. From the vintage framed board game covers on the wall, to the Monopoly painted bar table, Board Room is all about playing games.
  • Board Room doesn’t have a kitchen. Yes, you heard me correctly – No kitchen. But, they do allow customers to bring in food from outside establishments, and they even have an on-going discount deal with neighbor, Flippin’ Pizza.
  • The bar has a beer and cocktail menu as long as its board game menu. Fresh, right? To top it all off, after I ordered my beer (more on draft than in bottle – always a plus in my opinion), the bartender asked me if he could make a board game suggestion. I played Don’t Break the Ice. I lost.
  • Three words: House. Infused. Bourbon.
  • Have a large party? No worries – The bar is two stories, and the second floor has a ton of seating. Problem solved.
Board Room is located at 1737 Connecticut Avenue NW and opens at 4 pm, daily. For more information, visit the bar’s Facebook page.

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