Borderstan Candids: Halloween, or Facing Our Fears

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From Candida Mannozzi. You can reach her at candida[AT]


The season is here. (Luis Gomez Photos)

Borderstan, I confess that this time of year is not usually a favorite of mine. The long summer days are decidedly behind us, the chill in the air makes me shiver unhappily and the decorations in most stores make me cringe, as I have arachnophobia.

While I think Halloween is a fun way for children to get out into their neighborhood in costumes and collect sweets and goodies, I do find some of the symbols for this feast rather unsettling. I don’t do too well around outsized spiders and their webs, so I give enthusiastically decorated homes and stores a wide berth these days.

This is also the time of year where, in other countries around the world, people think of their departed. Again, the theme is not typically a cheery one. I have memories from my childhood in Italy of visiting cemeteries on cold, drizzly fall days, tough, yellowing and slippery leaves underfoot and dark, bare branches stretching to the grey sky.

I admire and enjoy the Mexicans’ take on All Souls’: their dia de los muertos is a party, a pic-nic and a feast. Way to face down your fears and turn a day of dread into a fiesta!

In a similar vein, I have promised myself that I’ll make a point of facing (perhaps even facing down) some of my fears this season. Whether it’s having a needed but uncomfortable conversation with someone, or speaking in public, or perhaps even attempting that weight that has been eluding me in my workouts, be it what it may, I’ll take this spooky Halloween season as an occasion to be spooked about some things no more.

So, Borderstan, may we all conquer some of our fears and enjoy the mid-autumn!

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