ANC 2B-03 Candidate Stephanie Maltz on the Issues Facing Dupont

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"Stephanie Maltz ANC"

Stephanie Maltz is a candidate for ANC 2B-03. (Courtesy Stephanie Maltz)

There are 21 Single Member District (SMD) seats up for grabs on the November 6 ballot in three different local ANCs: 2B/Dupont2F/Logan and 1B, which includes most of the U Street corridor. Recently we introduced you to the candidates, including Stephanie Maltz (see Know the Candidates in Contested ANC Races). Maltz will face Bevan Mace on election day.

Now, it’s Question and Answer Time on the issues.

Borderstan: What will be your first priority/new initiative if you are elected to ANC 2B and why?

Maltz: My first priority when I am elected will be to continue to make myself available to all of those who live in ANC2B-03. I want everyone to know that I am accessible and that I am interested in knowing about any issues faced by our residents. Accessibility is important because the more information I have regarding the concerns of the community, the better I will be able to represent what our neighborhood really wants.

Borderstan: How will you engage your constituents on issues so that your decisions reflect that of the majority of your Single Member District?

Maltz: I believe that the sharing of information is key and I will do everything I can to make my neighbors aware of any upcoming projects, events or activities that will have an impact on our community. I will work hard to give everyone equal opportunities to provide feedback to ensure that the responses I receive represent the diversity within our community. I will engage constituents through personal meetings, open discussions, opportunities to see the ANC in action, as well as via email and phone calls.

Borderstan: How do you plan to work to help bring process and transparency to decisions that impact the Dupont neighborhood, such as the renovations for Stead Park, so that the diversity of the community as a whole is reflected?

Maltz: By proactively reaching out to all members of the community — not just those who attend ANC and other community meetings — I will ensure everyone is not only aware of upcoming developments in our neighborhood, but also has an opportunity to express their views on the important issues we face together. I will offer a number of ways for residents to provide their opinions including online surveys, flyers, and open forum discussions. I am looking forward to sitting down one-on-one with my neighbors to truly understand their concerns.


Click for a larger map of ANC 2B for the 2012 elections. (DC Board of Elections).

Borderstan: What value do you think neighborhood associations provide, and how do you plan to interact with them?

Maltz: I believe neighborhood associations provide an opportunity for community members to become involved with specific local issues. I support working together with these groups to support activities that benefit our neighborhood and already have experience doing so — I helped the Urban Neighborhood Alliance (UNA) with the 17th Street Festival and I am a Dupont Circle Citizens Association (DCCA) member. I will continue to attend the neighborhood association meetings and provide opportunities for an open dialogue.

Borderstan: The East Dupont Liquor License Moratorium, which affects 17th Street NW, comes up for renewal in 2013, and ANC 2B will have an opportunity to weigh in by offering an advisory opinion to the Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) Board on its renewal. Do you support renewing the moratorium? If so, why? If not, why?

Maltz: I do not support renewing the East Dupont Liquor Moratorium in its current form. There has only been one new liquor license application since the West Dupont Liquor License Moratorium was relaxed one year ago. I believe that non-renewal would have a similar result on 17th Street.

Borderstan: Do you believe the voluntary agreement process for liquor license applicants needs to be changed? If so, how?

Maltz: From my experience as the liquor liaison for ANC 2B-06, I see there would be value in standardizing the voluntary agreement process. The Dupont ANC has taken steps towards this with its public space standards. I think we should more broadly standardize other parts of the language to be fair to both businesses and residents.

Borderstan: Do you believe that the police presence, particularly on the 17th Street, 18th Street and Connecticut Avenue corridors, is adequate, especially on weekends?

Maltz: I applaud the work of our current police force. Unfortunately, I feel their effectiveness has been hampered by the new boundaries which split Dupont into multiple Police Services Areas (PSA).

Borderstan: Are there types of business in the neighborhood that stand out as something we need more of in the area? If so, can you name three?

Maltz: I support, whenever possible, using the same space for multiple businesses and it is great that this is happening in our neighborhood. For example, on 17th Street, Mr. Yogato’s has a new pop-up coffee shop (Vigilante’s) that is open in the morning. The Dupont Business Incubator on R Street provides a collaborative working space for a number of businesses. Stead Park, while not a business, also has multiple purposes for a number of people. I would like to see more multiuse space in our neighborhood and support expanding our local business community this way.

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