Reader Poll: Who’s Got Your Vote for President on Tuesday?

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News from DC’s Dupont, Logan and U Street neighborhoods.

Washington is an overwhelmingly Democratic city, with 75% of voters registered as Democrats. Independents outnumber Republicans 17% to 6% and registered Statehood Green Party members are under 1%. But, in Ward 2 (Dupont-Logan), Republicans are 13% of registered voters and 5% in Ward 1, which includes the U Street corridor.

If DC were a state, it would be the most Democratic in the country — no other state (no, not even Massachusetts) would come in a close second. The only question about tomorrow’s presidential election in DC is, “What percentage of the vote will Obama get?”

In 2008, Obama got 92% of the vote in DC. Democrats John Kerry and Al Gore took home 89% and 85% of the vote, respectively, in 2004 and 2000. Since DC first got the right to vote in presidential elections in 1964, it’s 3 Electoral Votes have gone to the Democratic presidential candidate every time.

So, let’s see how Borderstan readers plan to vote tomorrow for president and how that will compare to Tuesday’s results. Are we more inclined to vote Democratic than the city as a whole, or less so?

BTW, on election night, you can get the DC voting results on the DC Board of Elections and Ethics website.

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