Contested ANC Races: Some Clear Winners, Some Narrow Leads

by Borderstan.com November 7, 2012 at 9:15 am 1,109 3 Comments


Waiting for the provisional and absentee ballot count: Four winners, two races questionable in local ANC races. (Collage Luis Gomez Photos)

All 143 DC Precincts have reported in, but provisional and absentee ballots have yet to be counted. Even with some votes still to be counted by the DC Board of Elections and Ethics, there seem to be four clear winners — and two races that could depend on the uncounted votes — in local contested races for Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC) seats in 1B, 2B and 2F.

According to the DC Board of Elections and Ethics (DCBOEE), provisional and absentee ballots must be counted no later than 10 days after an election. As of early Wednesday morning, DCBOEE was unable to say how many such ballots are outstanding in DC.

Tuesday Morning ANC Race Results

  • U Street: In the four-way 1B-12 race, Zahara Jilanni has 263 votes with her nearest competitor, John Green, holding 245 votes, an 18 vote difference. Erling Bailey and Dan Wittels finished further back. The question in this race comes down to those outstanding votes.
  • Dupont: In the 2B-03 race, Stephanie Maltz holds a commanding lead over Bevan Mace, 404 to 102; Maltz has 78% of the vote.
  • Dupont: In 2B-04, Kishan Putta has 62% with 497 votes. Stephanie Sheridan is in second place with 208 votes and Martin Espinoza has 87 votes.
  • Logan: In 2F-02, Walt Cain holds a 51 vote lead over Adam Stempel, 292 to 241.
  • Logan: In 2F-04, John Fanning has a 14 vote lead over Joel Heisey, 299 to 285. Again, could provisional and absentee ballots change the result?
  • Logan: In 2F-08, Matt Connolly holds what is probably a comfortable 47 vote lead over Howard Marks, 235 to 188.

ANC 1B-12

  • Erling Bailey: 127
  • John Green: 245
  • Zahra Jilani: 263
  • Dan Wittels: 85
  • Write-In: 9

ANC 2B-03

  • Bevan Mace: 102
  • Stephanie Maltz: 404
  • Write-In: 147

ANC 2B-04

  • Martin Espinoza: 87
  • Kishan Putta: 497
  • Stephanie Sheridan: 208
  • Write-In: 7

ANC 2F-02

  • James Baker: 75
  • Walt Cain: 292
  • Adam Stempel: 241
  • Write-In: 6

ANC 2F-04

  • John Fanning: 299
  • Joel Heisey: 285
  • Write-In: 12

ANC 2F-08

  • Matt Connolly: 235
  • Howard Marks: 188
  • Write-In: 6

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  • ANB B1-12 voter

    Dan Wittels’ crushing last-place finish in the ANC B1-12 race, where he earned barely 11 percent of the vote, puts squarely to rest any idea that the Shaw Dupont Citizens Alliance speaks for the neighborhood or that the neighborhood in any way supports the draconian measures that the organization would impose on both it and the broader U Street community to stop development dead in its tracks — including the SDCA’s prposed and far-reaching liquor license moratorium. If Mr. Wittels, a vocal and founding board member of SDCA, cannot even garner support from his own immediate neighbors for ANC rep, how can the organization that has fronted his candidacy claim that it speaks for anyone beyond its own tiny membership?

    • Logan Res

      The Wallach Street NIMBYs are now stating they will demand that all new development must halt because they believe that the infrastucture cannot support any new density. Their Einstein moment supposedly came because of the storm and how it impacted NYC. They do provide great commedy material though. LOL

  • T Street

    @Logan Res-

    LOL is right. They’re even complaining that they don’t like the landscaping that the new Matchbox put in at 14th & T. Apparently they prefer weeds and rats. Unbelievable. Unfortunately, the loudest mouths are often the ones who get heard, we more reasonable residents of the neighborhood have to keep vigilent.


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