A Closer Look At Neighborhood ANC Election Results

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There were six contested ANC races in the neighborhood on Tuesday. (Luis Gomez Photos)

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For complete vote counts from Tuesday’s six contested ANC races, see Contested ANC Races: Some Clear Winners, Some Narrow Leads.

Now that the media buzz surrounding the national election has started to subside we can take a closer look at the six contested races in the Borderstan area for Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner seats (ANC) to represent Single Member Districts (SMD).

ANC 1B (U Street)

SMD 1B-12 is a new, additional district for ANC 1B and includes blocks from 12th Street NW to 14th Street and from S to V Streets, plus a panhandle composed of the blocks on the north side of U and south of V Street from 14th to New Hampshire Avenue. (It was formed from 2B-02, where the population doubled between 2000 and 2010.) Alexandra Lewin-Zwerdling has held the seat since a special election in October 2011, but declined to run for a full term in 2012.

The SMD includes two large residential developments which have been the subject of heated debate at community meetings. Specifically, an apartment building now under construction at 14th and Wallach Place, NW and a proposed apartment at 13th and U NW on the site of the Rite Aid drugstore.

In a city where ANC races often only have one candidate, it is testament to the issues facing the blocks around 14th and U, that four candidates were on the ballot. Zahra Jilani apparnently won the race with 36% of the vote and an 18 vote lead over the next closest candidate, John Green (provisional and absentee ballots have not yet been counted).

Site excavation is well underway at 14th and Wallach and the 13th and U project is moving closer to reality, yet  the debate on development and the inevitable alcohol licensing battles are far from over. Safe to say, Jilani’s vote on issues before the ANC will be closely watched.

ANC 2B (Dupont Circle)

In ANC 2B there will be several new faces since long-time residents and Commissioners Bob Meehan (2B-03), Phil Carney (2B-07) and Victor Wexler (2B-05) decided not to run for re-election. However, Wexler withdrew after the ballots were printed and he technically won the race over a write-in candidate — the next steps to fill the seat in January are unclear at this point.

Two important events affecting the neighborhoods east of Connecticut Avenue in Dupont are the planned renovations to Stead Park on P Street, and the East Dupont Liquor License Moratorium, which comes up for renewal in 2013.

In the contested Dupont Circle races, Stephanie Maltz  won the race in 2B-03 by a wide margin, with 77% of the vote. This SMD includes blocks along the east side of Connecticut Avenue from Dupont Circle to R Street then jogs over to include the S Street Dog Park to the north and the northwest corner of 17th and Q on the south.

The three-way race for Jacobson’s seat in 2B-04 was won by Kishan Putta who garnered 62% of the votes. Putta’s SMD is bounded by 15th and 17th Streets on the east and west, S Street to the north and Q Street on the south. Current Commissioner Jack Jacobson (2B-04) did not run again and was elected as Ward 2 Representative to the DC State Board of Education.

ANC 2F (Logan Circle)

ANC 2F grew from six to eight seats after the 2010 U.S. Census. The SMDs comprising Logan Circle’s ANC 2F are a diverse mix and include the condo lined 1400 block of Church Street, the historic townhouses surrounding Logan Circle and even a few blocks of office buildings south of Massachusetts Avenue. The agenda for 2F meetings are always heavy with issues relating to development, public safety, alcohol licensing and parking.

SMD 2F02, which runs from 15th Street to 13th Street NW and from Rhode Island Avenue on the south to Q Street on the north, had a three-way race for Commissioner. Walt Cain won the race with a comfortable margin over Adam Stempel and James Baker.

The race was a little tighter in SMD 2F-04 on the east side of Logan Circle. John Fanning, who had served on the ANC in the early 1990s, apparently defeated another long-time resident, Joel Heisey by 14 votes (absentee and provisional ballots still to be counted). In SMD 2F-08, incumbent Matt Connolly holds a comfortable lead over challenger Howard Marks.

Winners of the races will take office in January 2013 when the new redistricting changes — necessitated by the 2010 Decennial Census results — take effect. Dupont Circle’s ANC 2B had no major changes in boundaries, ANC 1B will now have an additional SMD and ANC 2F will have two additional SMDs.

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