Borderstan Thanksgiving Day

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Have a great Thanksgiving Day from Borderstan.

At Borderstan we are thankful for many things. For example, we have had a great year covering the day-to-day of our community. We live in a diverse growing neighborhood where we can shop, enjoy restaurants and bars, galleries, theaters, great parks, sports and schools, all within walking distance.

Our contributors cover the neighborhood everyday, and they are also thankful for many things (and not so thankful for others). Here’s their list!

Rachel is thankful for

  • Her family and friends.
  • Her health.
  • Blogs – all of them.

Scott is thankful for

  • His family and friends – what’s life without them?
  • Reverse commuting in a car. No traffic or Metro in his daily life.
  • Chocolate. Mmmm.

Scott is not thankful for

  • Presidential Elections – glad that’s over with.
  • DC cabs still not taking credit cards. Reason #121343 we aren’t/won’t ever be near NYC.
  • The best DC team not playing. Man he misses the Capitals. End this stupid strike.

Michael is thankful for

Michael is not thankful for

  • Expanding number of people who fail to properly use and navigate a sidewalk.
  • Discovery of the ACKC closure (yes, that’s right, it’s been almost a year and he still haven’t found a replacement).
  • Return of the cold – is it just him or does everyone suffer from seasonal depression?

Leslie is thankful for

  • The cutest small human she’s ever seen.
  • Family and friends who love her despite faults (Husband most of all).
  • Pumpkin-pecan pie.

Danny is thankful for

  • Corny, but true: Friends and family.
  • The Washington Nationals. As a DC native, he has never experienced the kind of joy that he did this year watching the Nats play. Even after feeling the crushing blow that was Game 7, it was amazing to care about a DC sports team that much.
  • Good food. Watching the quick growth of DC’s food scene has been amazing, even if it still has lots of catching up to do. His three favorite new spots? Little Serrow, Toki Underground and Izakaya Seki.

Danny is not thankful for

  • People biking on the sidewalk. Seriously, it is called the sideWALK. Warning: If you try to pass him on a bike while he is on the sidewalk, he will not make it easy for you.
  • The Washington Wizards. If you are able to keep a Wizards game on for more than five minutes without convulsing/feeling ill/throwing something, than you should win a prize.
  • Foodie culture. Food should be good; it should be fresh; it should be appreciated. But, it should not be some type of status symbol or idolized. There’s no such thing as that “hidden hot spot” and bad service at a restaurant should not be accepted as part of the “vibe” of the place.

Chelsea is thankful for

  • Exact change. She doesn’t care how obsolete you think the penny is, because giving or receiving exact change is THE BEST feeling ever. And if you have an extra penny, leave it for the next person behind you or in the tip jar – pay it forward.
  • The first amendment. In spite of differences in beliefs, the fact that this exists is so liberating and inspiring. Every year she is grateful that she lives in a country that allows her to freely express herself and live without constraint or self-restraint.
  • Her community. People are friendly and inspiring. The compassion she finds among neighbors revives her faith in humanity and feeling, and she is grateful to have experienced that firsthand over the past year since she’s moved to DC.

     Chelsea is not thankful for

  • Georgetown on the weekends. Get a metro stop people. She needs to be able to get to the nearest Sephora without riding out to the next CITY to get her $40 moisturizers. Or get better parking. Better yet, make the walk over actually enjoyable by widening your sidewalks, since clearly every tourist and college student in town needs to use the entire pathway for themselves and their iPhone5s.
  • Political parties. But at least the lack of bipartisanship makes her thankful that the election is over and she won’t have to hand over her abortion, voting or equal pay rights yet.
  • Social media. She’s over it. She’s also over the articles you’re reading, the meme you laughed at and the photo you posted of your lunch.

Dafna is thankful for

  • Family and friends.
  • A roof over my head (and a walk-in closet).
  • It’s a tie: Attractive, well dressed men/Karl Lagerfeld.

Dafna is not thankful for

  • People with no sense of humor.
  • Men in suits that don’t fit them.
  • Uggs.

Nick is thankful for

  • The support of his partner, Chad
  • Goodness of others
  • #DCTech

Cecile is thankful for

  • Super grilled cheese and Stoney’s amber Ale at Stoney’s.
    • Having access to so many art galleries, such as Long View and the Hamiltonian.
    • People watching on a sunny day in Dupont!

Kim is thankful for

  •   The resurgence of offal on DC restaurant menus.
  •   Living in a city with underground power lines during a storm.
  •   Being lucky enough to have love, family and security in a world where those things are precious.

Kim is not thankful for

  • That they’re even having discussions about Season 9 of HIMYM. I love the show more than life itself, but it needs to not keep dragging along. End on a high note, Carter and Bays!
  • Another year of all my favorite sports teams losing in dramatic or devastating fashion.
  • The ongoing failure of the DC Metro system.

Luis is thankful for

  • The love of his little family, Matty and Lupe.
  • A great team of contributors in Borderstan.
  • Being able to enjoy what he is doing.

Luis is not thankful for

  • Winter

Matt is thankful for

  • His husband.
  • His dog, the most awesome in the world.
  • Living in neighborhood where he can walk everywhere and always run into someone he knows

Matt is not thankful for

  • A city government that still hasn’t figured out how to better deal with the city’s population growth and development.
  • The DC metro area’s lack of adequate public transportation.
  • Winter.

Aparna is thankful for

  • Wine, great food, weekends, Netflix, Twitter, friends, laughter and a good night’s sleep.
  • All the amazing opportunities she has had this year (even if she failed to use them!)
  • Her husband emptying the dishwasher, doing the laundry AND making a delicious home-cooked meal.

Aparna is not thankful for

  • The five pounds that she is going to put on during the holidays!
  • People who get out of their seats on the crowded bus before their stop. Nice way to get everyone standing to move around and make it generally unsafe.

Alejandra is thankful for

  • A booming dining and drinking scene in the neighborhood.
  • A community where she can walk down the street and always run into people, shop owners and purveyors that she knows.
  • A community that values living, eating and drinking better.

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