Edible Enterprises: Borderstan’s Culinary Innovators

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Culinary Innovators in the neighborhood. (Luis Gomez Photos)

From Namita Koppa. Email her at namita[AT]borderstan.com.

DC gets no love sometimes.

I get it. Our industry is the government. Chances are that if you reside here, you either work directly for the government, or are subcontracted to the hundredth power by somebody who does. Even the metro runs on your schedule! ETM (Extreme Track Maintenance) occurs nearly every government holiday, this past Veteran’s Day notwithstanding.

A girlfriend of mine recently jumped ship from the District for the gorgeous landscapes of San Francisco. During our last phone call filled with details of her immediate love of the Bay Area (no doubt her honeymoon phase), she threw the gauntlet.

“People in Washington are Not Creative”

I had to be careful not to take personal offense.  The truth is that her perspective is easy to believe. Fashion trends in DC reoccur so frequently that I sometimes feel like I should sell my middle-school wardrobe at vintage prices to make a pretty penny. The morning metro commute is filled with grays, blacks, browns, and navys of every hue. Happy Hours are filled with people talking shop, talking politics, talking business, talking about things that are not (by stereotype) creative.

DC, though, does have a flavor of its own. There are all types of people here, and to find them, all you really need to do is start a conversation. We’re not just high-priced restaurants and “American” cuisine. We’re also creators, filmmakers, chefs, performers, and guerrilla artists. There is a lot more going on beneath the surface, and more often than not, it can be found at the Sunday drum circle in Meridian Hill Park.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be using this column to refute my friend, gastronomically speaking. By tapping into Borderstan’s culinary innovators’ tremendous talent; this column will focus in introducing YOU to a neighborhood food entrepreneur.

As our local food and beverage scene grows (have you SEEN the new Matchbox at 14th and T Streets NW? cannot believe those divine cinnamon rolls will soon be a mere three blocks away!),  it’s nice to know who is cooking what, what our options are as consumers and how local businesses support our wallets, our environment, and our health.

Stay hungry and stay tuned!

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