Dafna’s Fashion Friday: Blue’s Hard Goods Opening on 14th Street

by Borderstan.com November 30, 2012 at 10:00 am 1,402 0


Andrew Nguyen’s fashion at Blues Hard Goods on 14th Street. NW (Courtesy of Blues Hard Goods)

From Dafna Steinberg. Follow her @AlizaySteinberg. Email her at dafna[AT]borderstan.com.

Vintage lovers, get excited… there’s a new store opening up, offering great one of a kind vintage pieces. Well… it’s not really a new store. Blue’s Hard Goods, the shop formerly known as Rue 14, has gone through an amazing transformation.

Racks that once held brands like Free People and Marc by Marc Jacobs are now lined with vintage workmen’s jeans, Varsity jackets and old sailor’s uniforms. The aesthetic is reminiscent 1950s blue collar. Or maybe it’s 1850s, considering the amount of Western Cowboy and Native American gear that decorates the store. Whatever it is, it is decidedly American.

I’ve noticed, as of late, that a lot of brands are sporting “Made in USA” tags. More and more brands (especially up and coming ones) are keeping things local rather than outsourcing to factories in China or other countries.

Perhaps, in the wake of this nationally political year, the fashion-conscious have also become somewhat patriotic. American Apparel aside, a number of local boutiques are selling more products made in the United States, and it’s impacting DC fashion trends. American made denim is coming back with a vengeance and I’ve noticed Western wear is beginning to creep into a lot of fashion forward street style.

And don’t forget bandanas! Andrew Nguyen, owner of Blues Hard Goods, has quite an obsession with vintage bandanas. His collection is substantial. In fact, one of the coolest pieces Nguyen has in his inventory is a scarf made entirely out of bandanas. By the clothing line “Mr. Vintage,” these scarves make a great addition to any urban cowboy’s  wardrobe. Especially one who is conscious of buying US made products.

Another cool facet to Blues Hard Goods is Los Gitanos, a collection of women’s clothing hand picked and styled by Tara Papanicolas. Her aesthetic, like that of Blue’s Hard Goods, harkens to a romantic, bygone era.

Blue’s Hard Goods is located at 1803A 14th Street NW. Stop in to check out the store or stay hip to new inventory by following them on Instagram: @BluesHardGoods.

Stay tuned for another edition of Dafna’s fashion.

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