Chief Lanier Shuts Down Indulj for 96 Hours Following Triple Shooting

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U Street NW: A passer by looks inside Indulj after it was closed by DC Police Chief  Cathy Lanier. (Luis Gomez Photos)

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DC Police Chief Cathy Lanier has shut down Indulj Restaurant and Lounge following a triple shooting outside the establishment early Monday morning (3 Men Hit in 12:30 AM Shooting, 1200 Block of U Street NW).

Three men were shot near the entrance to Indulj at 1208 U Street NW just before 12:30 am. The shooting occurred after a dispute inside the restaurant and lounge, according to police. One man was shot in the back, one in the leg, and one in the shoulder. The injuries are not believed to be life threatening, and all three men were conscious and breathing at the scene. Police said a white Ford or Chevy was seen leaving the scene, but it is not clear if the shooting was a drive-by.

Indulj was hosting musical group L.O.U.D. (Living Our United Dream) Sunday evening from 8 pm to 1 am, according to Facebook.

Indulj released a statement on Facebook Monday night and noted that the “management team remains committed to providing a secure venue for the mature and upscale events that our patrons have come to expect and enjoy. We are cooperating with authorities in their investigation.”


Closed sign at Indulj. (Luis Gomez Photos)

Lanier has the authority to temporarily close establishments serving alcohol for up to 96 hours under the Emergency Suspension of Liquor Licenses Act of 2005. Such closures can occur when “The Chief of Police finds that continued operation of this establishment would present an imminent danger to the health, safety, and welfare of the public; that there is an additional imminent danger to the health and welfare of the public by not closing this establishment; and that there is no immediately available measure to ameliorate these findings.”

The closing went into effect at 6pm Monday, although Indulj is already closed on Mondays. The date for Indulj’s hearing before the city’s Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) Board has not been announced, although the Board has a regularly scheduled meeting on Wednesday. The Alcoholic Beverage Regulation Administration (ABRA) is currently conducting its own investigation and can decide whether the business will remain closed beyond Friday.

Lanier has previously used her authority under the Emergency Suspension of Liquor Licenses Act of 2005 to close Heritage India, Mood Lounge and Tabaq Bistro after violent incidents. All three establishments later reopened after hearings before the ABC Board.

In a listserv message, Councilmember Jim Graham (D-Ward 1) called for additional police patrols for U Street NW. He asked U Street business owners to join together and participate in the Reimbursable Detail Officer (RDO) program, which allows bar and restaurant owners to split the cost of hiring extra off-duty police officers with ABRA. Business owners on the 1900 block of 9th Street NW currently participate in the program and fund two extra officers on the block Friday and Saturday nights from midnight until 4 am (New Police Patrols Coming to 1900 Block of 9th Street NW).

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  • It’s time for that dump to close. I’m surprised anyone could hear the shooting over the incredible noise the “band” was making. That place has the same crowd as any other thug-filled Go Go Club. It would be nice to have a restaurant in that space again.

    • Crony

      Indulj restaurant and lounge is a great place
      Where professionals meet to enjoy great food
      And jazz/ R&B music…. Ting tong must be
      Talking about another place… It is sad that the
      Establishment is being one of the victims
      Of this crime… I hope they re-open soon.

      • BingBong

        I do too…somewhere in PG County.

  • ISaidIt

    Oh TingTong…I think I’ve seen you echo this same sentiment on other news articles. Are you positioning yourself to open said restaurant? Maybe a nice coffee house or deli? Bagel shop maybe? What about a pet store or a vintage hat store? How abt this let’s duplicate 15th and U and paste it on 12th and U. Would that make your gentrified heart sing?

    • Oh this has nothing to do about singing for gentrification, Its about a well established restaurant with good food and clients, that change into a loud , uncontrolled night club. There was a GO GO band called L.O.U.D. playing at Indulj. They were playing there for second time in a weekly Sunday night thing. That club always seems to attract this kind of violence. It has nothing to do with the race of the people there, it just appeals to impulsive young men with anger issues. The big security camera at the front door should be a red flag to anyone. I am willing to bet that the shooting was over a girl or that someone’s shoes got stepped on.? These are the usual things they shoot over in DC. The police still have an unsolved shooting murder case in front of the club on the same block from a few years ago…..what’s up with this??? It’s time for that dump to close

  • Not a fan of the overt racism in the comments on this one.


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