Universal Doughnuts: The Most Delicious Breakfast Sandwich

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Universal Doughnuts at 2012 T Street NW. (Willis Shawver)

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The term “D.B.S.” entered my vocabulary roughly three years ago when I worked in an office building on the 1800 block of Connecticut Avenue NW. And the day I had my first “D.B.S.” is a day I won’t forget.

It was a dreary Friday morning; I was hungry and still recovering from a happy hour with my co-workers the night before. The last place I wanted to be was at my desk, and I needed something to get me through the day.

That is when a friend suggested we grab some breakfast at Universal Doughnuts. I had no idea what the place was (or even that it was on the first floor of my building), but I was in no place to turn down food, companionship and the chance for distraction, so I agreed.

What I discovered that morning is one of my favorite spots in the city.

Universal Doughnuts at 2012 T Street NW is not a doughnut shop. It’s a small mom-and-pop deli-type of operation that has a menu bursting with breakfast and lunch sandwiches. The older couple behind the counter runs the business and they are there to greet their regular customers every single day — I am convinced  they never get sick. (It’s nestled between Connecticut and Florida Avenues.)

The man behind the counter takes the orders and rings the customers up (often asking, “Will it be your usual?” – yes, I am embarrassed every time), while the woman cooks each sandwich to order.

So then, what is a D.B.S., you might be asking? Well it stands for Delicious Breakfast Sandwich — because that is the only way to describe what this couple can put between two slices of bagel.

My usual D.B.S. consists of egg (fresh and cracked right in front of your eyes), cheese and two slices of tomato on a buttered (and I mean buttered) everything bagel. The term caught on around the office and, while many of us are no longer there, we still reminisce about the good old days of breakfast sandwiches from Universal Doughnuts.

Co-workers and friends often branched out a bit more and ordered bacon, egg and cheese on toast, or the Philly cheese steak for lunch.

Other menu items range from classic subs and hoagies to pastrami sandwiches. They also sell lottery tickets.  Awesome.

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