There Are No Recipes for Grief

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No recipes for grief. (Luis Gomez Photos)

On Friday, after a day of watching Twitter feeds and broadcast news unravel the details of the horrific tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School, I felt sick.

I picked at lunch, ate half an apple and nursed a cup of tea. That afternoon a general sense of grief hovered as the catered appetizers at our work holiday party went largely untouched.

In times like these when we and others mourn, I want nothing more than to nourish the rawness inside us with food. The great tragedy is that in these moments food is only a necessity. Here are some tips to consider when providing food for the grieving:

  1. Keep it easy. Avoid spicy or complicated flavors; make a meal that is simple and nutritious.
  2. Frozen is best. Because food is often far from the mind of those in mourning, consider creating a meal that can be frozen. Always use dishes that may be disposed of later by relatives.
  3. Call it in. The first few days after a death, families are often flooded with food. Consider offering to pick up the check for a delivery order later in the week.
  4. Avoid painful memories. Was the departed loved one responsible for the broccoli casserole at family reunions? Make something else.
  5. Celebrate life. After welcoming those paying their respects, a quiet meal can often be appreciated by those in mourning.Offer to take the family or friend out for a special meal celebrating the life of the loved one.

Simple Recipes That Can Be Frozen

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