Borderstan’s Most Popular Politics and Government Stories of 2012

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Five of the 10 most popular 2012 Politics and Government stories were related to local ANC races. (Collage by Luis Gomez Photos)

It’s that time again… a look back before we start 2013. Like last December, we will provide you with a list of the most-read stories on Borderstan by category. Today are the Top 10 from the Politics and Governmenet section.

The web is forever, so they say. Posted stories continue to get hits a long time after originally going up on the site. As a result, some of the most-read stories for the year were sometimes published the year before — especially if they were published late the year before (although that was not the case with following stories, all from 2012).

Top 10 Politics and Government Stories of 2012

These Politics and Government stories were Top 10 most read last year on Five of them were related to local ANC candidaes/races in Advisory Neighborhood Commissions 1B, 2B and 2F. section.

  1. Meet Walt Cain: Candidate for ANC 2F-02 (Rachel Nania)
  2. Where to Follow the Election Online Today (Borderstan)
  3. Mayor Gray Dines at Hank’s Oyster Bar, Shows Support for Restaurant (Tom Hay)
  4. Know the Candidates in Contested ANC Races (Rachel Nania)
  5. Have Our National Monuments Become Too “Disneyfied?” (Maggie Barron)
  6. Streetscape Project: U Street Rehabilitation To Begin June 11 (Tom Hay)
  7. Contested ANC Races: Compare the Candidates’ Positions (Borderstan)
  8. Borderstan ANC Races: Six Contested Races in 2B, 2F and 1B (Tom Hay)
  9. Meet Zahra Jilani: Candidate for ANC 1B-12 (Rachel Nania)
  10. Poll Closes Sunday: Should Just 5 People Be Allowed to Protest a Liquor License? (Rachel Nania)

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