Lebodome: Hockey is Back, Time to Rock the Red

by Borderstan.com January 23, 2013 at 10:00 am 0

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Capitals are back! (Luis Gomez Photos)

It’s been a big week in DC in the theme of returning. Sure the average person might rank Obama’s 2nd term as the strongest return story of the week, but those who have been avoiding Chinatown in anger and dismay see the bigger picture.

The owners and the players have reached an agreement bringing hockey back to America/Canada, but more importantly the Capitals are back in the Verizon Center. Sure the lockout was long and quite stupid, but some season is better than no season so lets get ready.

I have written about my love for our best pro team in the city (I still stand by this even with the Redskins division title) and could not be more excited to have this back in town. DC has always been a quasi sports town waiting for glory, and no team has taken them closer in the last two decades than the Capitals. Easy to get to stadium, knowledgeable and passionate fans, and plenty of great personalities on the team makes this team easy to root for.

The Full Caps Experience

I was out Saturday night and watched their first game of the season (a bad loss) at Boardroom on Connecticut Avenue and could just feel the excitement of hockey returning. As the season rolls along, here as some helpful hints and thoughts to get the most out of your Washington Capitals experience.

  • Watch For Deals: Thanks to LivingSocial being located across the street from the stadium, as well as other deal websites, there are a few times during the season when there are good ticket deals. It is a short season so there may be less of these but just keep an eye out.
  • Get Pumped: Game experience is not meant for those looking to relax and sit down for a few hours. Game day crowds are loud, vibrant, and electric when it comes to their Capitals. If this doesn’t sound like you, enjoy a happy hour at the slew of fun bars littered around Chinatown.
  • His name is Ovechkin: Every team has its stars (minus the Wizards) and the Caps have Alex Ovechkin. His personality is as big as his game and at this point he probably holds the title for most talented player without a Stanley Cup (NHL playoff finals) appearance. I think he is due.
  • Put on your winter gear, head to Chinatown, and get ready to ROCK THE RED!

What’s in the Hopper?

Super Bowl. Gonna be a great one. Tons of awesome story lines.

Links! Links! Ice Cold Links!

  • March madness style bracket of best Chappelle Show skits. Awesome.
  • DC cabs must take credit cards by end of March. About damn time.
  • 42. The movie about Jackie Robinson looks great.

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