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Lebodome: State of Sports in The District

by Borderstan.com February 6, 2013 at 2:00 pm 4 Comments

From Scott Leibowitz. Find Scott on Twitter @Lebodome. Email him at [email protected].


February: a slow sports month. (Luis Gomez Photos)

Happy post-Super Bowl, no-football-untill-September to everyone! Hope everyone enjoyed the big game, ate lots of food and were with good enough friends to get you through Barack Obama’s planned power outage (I mean, it had to have been his fault, right?).

As the shortest month of the year, I have always seen February as a waste of space on the sports schedule. NBA, NHL, and college hoops are in the meat of their seasons with little urgency or exciting play for the most part.

It’s around this time I like to take stock of the city and see how we are doing. So lets take a look and, using my scale of 1 to 5 (1 being would rather watch new episodes of Wipeout and 5 being I am buying tickets now), let’s see the state of District.

The State of DC Sports

  • Nationals. Pitchers and catchers report to Florida for Spring Training in about a week. The Nationals added a 5th president to the famous President’s Race and we all look forward to a very wobbly Taft losing many races. Star pitcher Gio Gonzalez was named in a steroid report, but we’re unsure if this will have repercussions. The first exhibition game is at the end of March against the New York Yankees…Oh Yea.  Excited: 3.5 more presidents the better
  • Capitals. Last place; not looking like a team at all. Still major questions in goal. Fans receiving weird magazines. Bottom line here: Ovi needs to step it up, and soon, if there will be playoff hockey in the district this year. Excited: 2 worried this funk will last too long
  • Redskins. Rookie of the year honors to RG3. A division title and a win over the Super Bowl Champion Ravens during the season. Lots of players coming back. Excited: 4 as long as RG3 heals well, nothing but upside
  • Wizards. … yea, let’s just move on here.
  • Georgetown/GWU: Gtown is a top 25 team, big wins over Louisville and UCLA, always gets hot come March. George Washington University is still finding their offense in a much improved Atlantic 10. Excited: 5. MARCH MADNESS IS SOON

Not a bad state of the city. There are a lot of things to feel good about as we glide through this short month. Stay warm everyone!

Links! Links! Ice Cold Links!

  • New Yorker’s 101 pizza slices. Yum!
  • It has begun. The robots are taking over.
  • Paperman. An amazing Pixar short.

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  • Kevin

    State of sports in DC and no mention of MLS Eastern Conference finalists DC United?

    Really, really weak.

    FYI: They open the season in Houston on 3/2, and at home against RSL on 3/9.

  • Scott

    OOOf sorry Kevin. Yes the DC United made a fantastic effort last season in reaching the conference finals. Didn’t know the season started soon, and that says something about their poor marketing if I have yet to see the words “Season Kickoff” anywhere.
    I have written about DC United before and hope to go to more games this season, but no matter how much you love soccer or how great the team, this is America. Soccer will always take a backseat to NFL/MLB/NHL/NBA.

  • Kevin

    So it’s D.C. United’s fault that you didn’t include them in a D.C. sports round up? Uh, OK.

    And your “this is America” comment reveals your ignorance about the growth of the sport in the U.S.

    • Scott

      1. I am aware that the MLS is growing in both revenue and attendence. Seattle Sounders get more fans than the Mariners, new stadiums are popping up all over, and more aged European stars are coming over bc they see the value.
      2. The MLS will continue to grow, but it will NEVER, and I feel strongly on this, make the kind of money both in revenue and sponsorship that the 4 major ones do. Not a single player is making more than 10 million dollars a year, like the superstars of the NFL/MLB/NBA do. In Europe they do.
      3. I like soccer. I was fortunate enough to see Beckham’s first game in NYC in a capacity crowd at Giant Stadium of 66,000 people. I watch the Euro/World Cup and have a Team USA jersey. I have been a diehard Celtic fan my whole life thanks to a Scottish cousin. The reality is though, soccer will never top of the 4 majors. At least in our lifetime….


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