ANC2F “Leaning” Against Liquor License Moratorium

by Borderstan.com February 7, 2013 at 8:30 am 1 Comment

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February ANC 2F  meeting on Wednesday night. (David McAuley)

Advisory Neighborhood Council (ANC) 2F members criticized a controversial proposal for a liquor license moratorium for the 14th and U street area at a public meeting last night, but then voted unanimously to support holding joint public hearings with neighboring ANCs about it. ANC 2F covers the Logan Circle area.

ANC 2F Chairman Matt Raymond declared that he was “leaning strongly against” the moratorium, and Commissioner John Fanning, chair of ANC 2F’s Alcoholic Beverage Regulation Administration (ABRA) Committee, said that he was “leaning towards not supporting” it.

However, the commission agreed with resolution’s statement that the matter was best handled at one or more joint meetings of the ANC districts that are likely to be affected by the moratorium, specifically, ANC districts 2B, 1B and 6E.

Raymond hoped that the joint meetings would be able to take place on or around March 20, but an exact date had not been set. Commissioners also said that the statement had been circulated to the relevant neighboring ANCs, all of which, by law, must pass a similar resolution before joint hearings can take place.

No one from either of the two organizations supporting the petition, the Shaw Dupont Citizens Alliance or the Residential Action Committee, identified themselves as present at the meeting, and a request to find anyone present who would speak for the proposal was met with a deafening silence. One local resident eventually spoke up to note that “there are people who are concerned”.

Also last night, ambiguous signals came out of meeting of neighboring ANC6E. A tweet from the Shawington Times confirmed that ANC6E passed an anti-moratorium resolution last night. It is not clear what effect this would have on ANC2F’s proposal for a joint meeting.

The DC Council would have to pass legislation approving the moratorium.

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  • It’s important to note that ABRA and other agencies don’t have to give the advice of ANCs “great weight” if they don’t actually try to make a compelling case in written form.

    The idea of a joint hearing or meeting is that if the four affected ANCs are shown as united, and if community sentiment leans overwhelmingly in one direction, it will strengthen our case and make it impossible for ABRA to ignore us.

    Some say it’s obvious that the community as a whole is against the moratorium, so why wait another month or two? Well, ABRA hasn’t even officially notified the ANCs yet to ask their advice, but more importantly, weighing in hastily and prematurely could backfire.

    Matt Raymond
    ANC 2F


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