ANC 1B Discuses Proposed 14th and U Liquor License Moratorium

by Borderstan.com February 11, 2013 at 9:00 am 5 Comments

From David McAuley. Email him at david[AT]borderstan.com


The ANC1B meeting last Thursday night. (David McAuley)

Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC) 1B briefly discussed future action on the proposed U Street liquor license moratorium at its regular monthly meeting Thursday night (February 7). It also heard input from one of the leading advocates of the moratorium. ANC 1B includes the large bulk of the U Street area.

1B Alcoholic Beverage Commission Chairman Jeremy Leffler (1B-02)told his ANC1B colleagues Thursday night that he had received a “leaflet” proposing a multi-ANC “super-committee” on or about March 20.

The ensuing discussion seemed to indicate that ANC 1B wished to participate in the super-committee meeting if held. There was no official motion or vote on the meeting or any other aspect of the moratorium.

The proposed super-committee was first proposed and approved by Logan Circle area ANC 2F at its regular monthly meeting, held the previous evening (February 6). In addition to members of ANC 1B, the committee may also consist of ANC Commissioners from districts 2F, 2B, and/or 6E, all of which fall within the area of the proposed ban, a circle 1,800 feet in radius from 1211 U Street NW, the location of Ben’s Next Door.

ANC 2F commissioners have said that, before a meeting can be held, each participating ANC must pass a resolution in favor of a joint ANC meeting.

Shaw-Dupont Citizens Alliance President Joan E. Sterling spoke briefly in favor of the moratorium. Sterling is one of the two signers of the official moratorium petition to the DC Alcohol Beverage Regulation Administration (ABRA). Sterling said that 80% of the moratorium district fell within the bounds of ANC1B. She also said the current number of establishments in the entire proposed moratorium district was well over 100. DC law says that a moratorium can be requested if there are over 18 establishments serving alcohol in a district.

No one at the meeting spoke against the moratorium. The DC Alcoholic Beverage Regulation Administration (ABRA) has not set a date for hearings.

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  • Wow, stark contrast to the 2F meeting, where not a single person supporting it made themselves known; but there was no shortage of those opposed.

    • Bodiddly

      Well maybe that’s because you don’t have 100 clubs with “Tavern” licenses that draw all of PG Counties troublemakers like 1B does!

      • J

        Actually there are only 38 Tavern licenses within ANC1B. And, many of them are hardly bad actors, much the places where “PG Counties (sic) troublemakers” frequent. But hey, I’ll say hi for you next time I see my PG Crew in the heezy at Nellie’s, Bar Pilar, Mova, Hanoi House, Marvin, Duffy’s, Cafe Saint-Ex, or Dickson Wine Bar. Something tells me I’m in for a loooooong wait. http://1.usa.gov/UZWR4d

  • I was at the meeting. Ms. Sterling talked about the moratorium as a community announcement; it was not on the official agenda and the commissioners themselves did not debate it one way or the other. One commissioner later announced that there would be a future joint ANC meeting to discuss it.

    When the 1B finally debates the issue, I’m sure there will be a large crowd opposing the moratorium.

  • 17thSt

    It wouldn’t be a neighborhood discussion without some good ole fashioned racism!

    I hope the incoming generation of residents isn’t so jaded.


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