DC is For Romance, Apparently

by Borderstan.com February 13, 2013 at 2:00 pm 0


Looking north up 14th Street NW and over Thomas Circle: Enjoy the view from the Donovan House. (Luis Gomez Photos)

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Virginia is for lovers, Maryland is for crabs and DC is, well, not a state. At least not according to the folks at Flip Collective, who failed to include DC on its list of how autocorrect describes each of the states in the nation. DCist, however, is going with “broken.”

Broken or not, the District just recently landed on top of another list – one for unexpectedly romantic cities. So, Virginia may be for lovers, but DC is for romantics!

What makes DC a romantic city? For starters, it’s hard to beat those pink cherry blossoms. Walking around the Mall at dusk when the tourists are gone and the monuments bask in an aura of artificial light is very lovely, too.

And yes, there’s Georgetown. Its cobblestone streets and “up-and-coming restaurant scene which provides plenty of options for dinning for two” get a mention in the article. Our little part of town doesn’t get much love, but I think there’s no shortage of romance right here in Borderstan.

Starting with the restaurant scene; if Georgetown’s restaurant scene is “up-and-coming,” then Borderstan’s is blossoming like the pinkish trees that line the tidal basin every spring.

Favorite Spots in the Neighborhood

But restaurants aren’t the only spots with romance. Here are some of my favorite romantic spots around the neighborhood.

  • The Lounge at Tabard Inn, especially in the winter when you can share freshly fried doughnuts during brunch or sip cocktails by the fireplace while listening to live jazz every Sunday.
  • Those a little more adventurous than doughnuts and jazz can escape to 1920s Paris over Absinthe at one of 1905‘s window booths.
  • If you’re more of a nature person, what’s more romantic than a picnic in the park? Grab a sandwich at SunDeVich and relax on the grass at Logan Circle. Or just fake it by getting cozy on the swing at Firefly underneath its signature “tree.”
  • Georgetown’s cobblestone streets are lovely, yes, but I find the Spanish steps in Kalorama just as romantic. And the cascading pools of water at the Italian inspired fountain at Malcom X/Meridien Hill Park are romantic enough for one of our own contributors to use them as the backdrop for her wedding.

There’s something to be said, as well, for the choice views of the Washington Monument from the 12-acres park, which sits on a hill overlooking all of downtown. That’s another thing Borderstan residents find charming about this part of town: the view.

While in my humble, Parisian opinion nothing beats the view of Parisian rooftops, the DC skyline is lovely, as well, especially when paired with cocktails at Donovan House.

Ahead of Valentine’s Day, where do you go to find romance in Borderstan?

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