Weekend Warrior: Is Love Actually All Around? Edition

by Borderstan.com February 14, 2013 at 10:00 am 0


Weekend Warrior: Is Love Actually All Around? Edition. (Luis Gomez Photos)

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If The Washington Post story last weekend about a couple who is going on a date at a bunch of Metro stops hasn’t inspired you to renounce love (and humanity) in all its forms, then you’re probably looking forward to Valentine’s Day, in which case, have at it!

I’ll be celebrating a much more important occasion, the birthday of Rob Thomas, frontman for Matchbox 20, by listening to “Smooth” on an infinite loop while wearing Jnco Jeans, but to each her own. Luckily, there are plenty of other things going on during this (long!) weekend to help us forget that Thursday ever happened. Let’s take a look, shall we?


  • As I mentioned, there are a LOT of things going on tonight, and even a few tables left at restaurants around town (if you’re cool with eating at 4:30 pm). Or, if you’re flying solo and want to launch a silent protest against Hallmark by grabbing dinner alone, you have now been validated by NPR, so eat that soup for one with pride!


  • Do you like bite-sized portions of foods and also gambling? If so, head over to Ping Pong Dim Sum tonight, which is running a special promotion in honor of the Chinese New Year (of the snake): roll a pair of dice at the end of your meal, and if you hit snake eyes, they’ll take $50 off your bill.


  • Those who know me are aware that I do not venture to the other side of the river (aka Virginia) without a VERY good reason, so trust me when I say that tonight’s headliner at the Arlington Cinema and Draft House, Adam Cayton-Holland, is very much worth the trip (if you don’t believe me check out his recent performance on Conan). Then call up your teetotalling friend with a car and convince them to drive you to the show, which starts at 10 pm and costs $20.


  • The Downton Abbey season finale is really the only thing that matters today, but, as the Dowager Countess once said, “It would be a shame to waste a good pudding.” I’m going to assume by “pudding” she meant “bloody mary,” and suggest that you venture over to Dupont’s own DGS Delicatessen, which just launched a new brunch menu featuring delectable items like eggs benedict latkes, and a scrambled eggs with Matzo.


  • Mondays of a long weekend are good for a variety if things, including by not limited to: sleeping, ordering pizza, sleeping, not going to the gym and watching Netflix for hours on end. House of Cards, its new original series, is so good it will make you forgive Kevin Spacey for Pay It Forward. 

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