Dafna’s Fashion Friday: Santa Fe Edition

by Borderstan.com February 22, 2013 at 1:00 pm 0


Dafna’s Fashion Friday, Santa Fe Edition. (Dafna Steinberg)

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Howdy Borderstanis! I’m writing from the land of enchantment: New Mexico! Santa Fe, to be precise. Which seemed like a perfect reason to write about trend that just won’t quit and is really big for spring: Western wear.

Don’t worry. I’m not suggesting you start dressing like Roy Rogers and riding a horse named Trigger to work. Nor am I saying you should start going to line dance country bars (unless that’s already your thing). However, some elements of western fashion are very easy to incorporate into every day life and will give a little extra flair to your daily wardrobe choices. Here’s a list of a few items you can try out.


These make a great and easy introduction to rocking a western look.  Tie one around your neck or get creative! (I’ll  make a bracelet out of one or tie one around my calf) There are tons out there with great patterns aside from the standard paisley print. My recommendation, however, is go for ones made in the USA. Preferably vintage. The ones from China just aren’t the same.

Cowboy boots

Honestly, I’m a believer everyone should have at least one pair. I know I have two and would be more than happy to up that count. Cowboy boots are quite possibly one of the most comfortable kinds of shoes and most people I know who own a pair literally live in them. Some good brands to look into: Frye, Tony Lama and Wolverine.

Cowboy shirts

Great for men and women, these pearl snap button shirts are comfortable and flattering. They are cut a bit slim, which gives them a better fit to the body. They also come in a variety of styles: Plaid ones are great for casual, solid colors can be work appropriate. For women, dress one up with a cute skirt to the office or dress it down with a pair of reliable jeans. Men can wear one with a blazer (tie is optional as it would cover up the pretty buttons) or roll up the sleeves for a more casual look.

Bolo Ties

For the very daring, a bolo tie will dress up any outfit. Typically worn instead of a tie, they can make great necklaces on women who wear them loosely. Guys, rock them with a collared shirt for a different take on the regular “suit and tie” look.

I’m not going to discuss the contentious topic of “Navajo” print, even though it has come back into style a lot in the past few years (and I have a picture of it above). Here’s some info as to why it’s such a hot button fashion issue, and you can decide how you feel about wearing it.

For local shops that sell western style clothes, Federal has some great men’s wear, including great denim and lots of Pendleton. Ladies can find some western inspired pieces over at Redeem where guys can also find some great boots (not necessarily cowboy, but they do have Wolverines). Also in Redeem, check out Mutiny which has some great western products. Vintage lovers can shop at Dr. K’s, Blues Hard Goods, Ginger Root and Junction.


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