Man Shot, Killed Early Saturday, 1900 Block 9th Street NW

by Borderstan.com February 23, 2013 at 9:05 am 4 Comments


Crime news from Dupont-Logan-U Street.

A man was shot in the head and died around 1:16 am Saturday, February 23, on the 1900 block of 9th Street NW, according to DC Police. The lookout is for two men wearing ski masks and armed with guns.

The man was killed just south of U Street NW. DC Police confirmed the man’s death this morning; more details are expected today. Homicides are rare in the Dupont-Logan-U Street area.


From the DC Police Twitter feed: “3D Shooting //1900 blk 9th St NW //Adult male shot in the head unconscious not breathing /LOF (2) B/M’s wearing mask armed w guns /6559”

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  • Jeffrey Willis

    Police report that the shooter was apprehended, fight started inside Asefu at 1920 9th Street, a hip-hop club which remains open & hosting a rapper tonight who’s lyrics include “I’m on a mission to kill & drill anyone in my way.” Any club promoting a culture of violence cannot be tolerated in our hood.

    • Neil

      Mr. Willis,
      The club has been closed since the shooting and will not be open until this weekend. Your statements are NOT TRUE and sometimes it is better to not say anything rather than say things that are lies.

      • Jeffrey


        Are you associated with the club? I value your perspective.

        The club had NOT been closed at the time of my posting – no announcement; no sign on door; no decision by MPD. The rapper was still listed on the website. Hopefully, MPD, ABC & the club’s mgt will carefully reconsider the programming & the culture it may promote.

        • Neil

          Good evening Mr. Willis,
          I have been the owner of the bars Accountant and Management Consultant, and what I can tell you is the same as was released in the form of a “PRESS RELEASE” by us today.

          Asefu’s Restaurant


          We wish to first send our deepest condolences to the family of Mr. Joseph Hardin of Mount Vernon, Virginia.
          Based on the grossly exaggerated and incorrect reports being shown by ABC, NBC, Fox, and News Channel 8, we wish to have all records set straight regarding the shooting in front of 1920 9th Street NW the morning of February 23rd 2013.
          Late on the 22nd Mr. Hardin and his party were involved in a verbal argument with a couple on the 2nd floor of the club. The manager intervened and both couples went back to dancing without any further problems. After approximately 25 minutes the manager came back up to the second floor and noticed that both parties were dancing without any further problems. Later on, the club manager noticed that there was an argument between Mr. Hardin and three (3) unknown men on the street between 2 cars. In an attempt to defuse the situation the manager went outside and after a few moments the gunman was seen crossing 9th Street coming from T Street wearing a ski mask and began opening fire shooting and hitting Mr. Hardin many times before running towards T Street where he was apprehended by police.
          The press states that both men were ejected from the club where they were involved in a physical altercation which is not true, and since the argument in the club was minor and ended when the manager intervened with both parties going back to dancing and enjoying themselves there was no reason to ask them to leave or call the authorities.
          Everything happened very quickly including the police showing up within moments, and the gunman being caught while fleeing.
          In all the years that Asefu’s Restaurant has been in business there have never been any problems until this day when an innocent young man’s life was taken for no reason. Assignment

          Sir, there has been a sign on the door since Saturday at 7:00 pm (1700)regarding the closing “pending investigation” for 96 hours and NO ONE has been there since, we even did not allow people to come in and clean.
          Sir, as you can see by the reviews this place has received as being the “BEST LOCAL HIP-HOP BAR IN DC” (Washington Post, yelp, as well as other print and social media. There has never in over 9 years of operation has anything ever happened there.

          So Sir, I am sorry for being very long in my writing but if you care as much as many other good God fearing people in the neighborhood do never give up on what you truly believe, but Asefu’s has always cared about the neighborhood to.

          Neil Lederman


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