Meet Dito Sevilla, Candidate for the ANC 2B-05 Seat

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Dito Sevilla and his dog. Sevilla is a candidate for the ANC 2B-05 seat. (Courtesy of Sevilla)

Full disclosure: Sevilla is a Borderstan contributor.

Dito Sevilla is running against Abigail Nichols in a special election to fill a vacant seat on Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC) 2B. The District 05 seat became vacant when former Commissioner Victor Wexler resigned.

The election is Wednesday, March 13, from 7:15 pm to 9:30 pm at the ANC 2B/Dupont monthly meeting at the Brookings Institution, 1775 Massachusetts Avenue NW. You must be aregistered voter in ANC 2B Single Member District (SMD) 05 to vote.

Sevilla’s full name is Eduardo Sevilla Jr. His father and grandfather were both Nicaraguan ambassadors to the United States. He has been bar manager at Floriana Restaurant, on 17th Street NW since 2004. Before that, he owned a small business.

Borderstan: Where can potential voters go to find out more information about you?

As a DC native and 17th Street resident for more than nine years I hope I have been able to forge lasting relationships with many potential voters. If anyone, voter or not, needs further information, they are encouraged email me questions or concerns and I will personally reply to each of them.

"special election"

Click for a larger map of ANC 2B-05. (DC Citizen Atlas)

Borderstan: What motivated you to run for this position?

Sevilla: As they say, all politics is local. One can only live in a place for so long before one must do what is required to better it. I love this neighborhood, and I love my neighbors.

I think the residents of 2B-05 have made terrific brand ambassadors for the kind of culturally diverse, economically sound, young and not-so-young area in which we live. Washington offers so much to potential new residents, and 2B-05 has many of those on display.

A vibrant restaurant scene, a good amount of retail and just enough nightlife offerings coupled with safe, clean, well cared for streets allow home prices to soar. To maximize that appeal is probably the most important factor in my decision to seek the burdens of office.

Borderstan: What sets you apart from the other candidate?

Sevilla: What doesn’t. She knits during meetings, and I don’t attend them. I suppose whichever of us wins, our habits will have to change.

Borderstan: Why should people vote for you?

Sevilla: Essentially, voters will choose between the past and the present, between the status quo and progress, between moving forward, or standing still. I am a candidate who is able to balance the concerns of our residents and our commercial neighbors. I understand that we must work together to fortify our community and forge common sense plans to continue improving the way of life of our residents without hindering the growth and vitality of our business community.

Borderstan: What is your favorite thing about the neighborhood?

Sevilla: To pick one would be a disservice to another. What’s not to like? The joys of a quiet Sunday morning, a long walk along one of our clean, safe streets, my neighbors — these are all reasons to smile, but it is the variety of architectural and historical landmarks that truly have my heart. I’m a preservationist at heart and it pleases me deeply to see our community band together to respect the architectural masterpieces of centuries’ past.

Borderstan: What is one thing that you would like to change about the neighborhood?

Sevilla: To pick one would be a disservice to so many others! In all seriousness, trash collection has become a comedy of errors in our community. The congestion caused by the collection of a myriad of different receptacles from both private and commercial locations needs to be streamlined, and efficient schedules should be created. There is simply no need for an area as small as ours to use over a dozen different companies with over a dozen different trucks clogging our streets to collect garbage seven days — and in some cases nights — of the week.

Borderstan: What is your opinion, generally speaking, about liquor moratoriums?

Sevilla: Generally, I don’t speak about liquor moratoriums.

Borderstan: What, if anything, should be changed concerning on-street parking for residents in your district?

Sevilla: The rules and requirements found on the back of “EMERGENCY NO PARKING” signs used by residents to move, or during times of construction should be enforced. Not a day goes by that they are not used improperly. They are found attached to trees, left up long after expiration, edited by residents… it is a mess, and it causes congestion and creates unnecessary hassles for residents looking for parking spaces.

I believe that parking spaces are first and foremost the benefit of the residents of the neighborhood in which they are located. Visitors to our businesses are encouraged to utilize public transportation, including of course the Metro, which is within walking distance of all parts of 2B-05.

Borderstan: How many ANC2B meetings have you attended since January 1, 2012?

Sevilla: None.

Borderstan: Where were you on the evening of February 13, when the last ANC2B meeting was held? Why?

Sevilla: Unfortunately, for the purposes of attending evening meetings I can offer no quarter. Until I am elected, my current work schedule will overlap meeting times.

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