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Local aficionados enjoy beer at DC Reynolds on Sunday. (Luis Gomez Photos)

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Craft beer shares a cultural affinity with the slow food movement in that it celebrates beer as artisanal, and most importantly, local. Craft beer in general would not be where it is today without that.

Ultimately, that sentiment goes beyond the cultural realm; craft beer really started in the kitchens and backyards of homebrewers such as Jim Koch of Sam Adams and Ken Grossman of Sierra Nevada. Regardless of the size of those breweries now, their current tie to the homebrewing world remains inextricable, and is in my opinion part of the reasoning behind their wild success.

Third Annual Homebrew Competiton


Rob Fink takes Best of Show Runner-up for his Belgian IPA. (Luis Gomez Photos)

Yours truly had the opportunity to participate in the third annual homebrew competition at the sponsored by the Neighborhood Farm Initiative, a wonderful, local organization that provides urban gardening education throughout the DC area.

This year, the event was held at the Petworth watering hole DC Reynolds, and I was fortunate enough to snag Best of Show Runner-up for my Belgian IPA. However, the best part of my day was actually talking to fellow homebrewers and others who were genuinely interested in good beer at the most local of levels.

It’s a source of happiness to be surrounded by such wonderful and interesting people because homebrewers are representative of everyone — with doctors, lawyers, retirees, bartenders (and the occasional grad school student) among them. Big ups to my fellow homebrewing comrades and those who just display a genuine interest in good beer, and most importantly, cheers!

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