Metro Brings Relief to S-Line Buses With “Short Trips”

by March 25, 2013 at 8:00 am 0

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Running for the bus at 16th and Corcoran Streets NW. (Kishan Putta)

Metro announced last week that it will add nine new southbound “short trips” during morning rush hour in attempt to reduce overcrowding on the S-line buses. The crowded buses have caused problems for residents who board along 16th Street NW.

According to Metro, the additional buses will start service on 16th Street NW at Harvard Street NW, making all S2 stops on 16th Street to H Street NW. At H Street, the buses will turn left and go west to 14th Street NW.

The change came after ANC 2B-04 Commissioner Kishan Putta organized a series of meetings with residents, commuters and Metro employees and planners.

“My biggest issue is that I can stand waiting for the bus for 30 minutes during rush hour and 10 buses — I have counted, not an exaggeration — come by and do not stop. Even if the bus isn’t full because the bus drivers do not make people move towards the back of the bus,” one local resident told Putta.

Another resident experienced frustration after several buses passed and she waited in the cold with her infant.

“The most frustrating is that by the time the bus reaches K Street NW, it is almost empty,” the resident said, explaining the overcrowded situation during rush hour commutes.

At the last meeting, Metro proposed three possible plans to attendees, who voted on their preferred plan. More residents and commuters were in favor of increasing the frequency of buses over increasing the area covered.

Because the buses will start service at Harvard Street NW, passengers at bus stops south of Mount Pleasant should find it easier to find room to board, Metro says.

In December, Metro extended the hours of MetroExtra service on 16th Street to provide additional capacity during the late-evening hours, between 7 and 9:30 pm.

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