Saturday: Happy First Birthday Party, CTRL!

by April 26, 2013 at 10:30 am 0


Celebrate CTRL’s birthday this Saturday at Cobalt. (Courtesy CTRL)

From Khelan Bhatia. Follow Khelan on Twitter @KhelanB or email him at khelan[AT]

Greetings, Borderstanis! A few months back, I gave y’all the scoop on CTRL, a queer underground party, making its move to Cobalt the last Saturday of each month. If you’ve gone to their last three events, then you know it’s more fun than a barrel of monkeys playing Twister on nitrous oxide. IF you haven’t gone (and really why haven’t you????) then their very first anniversary this coming Saturday is the perfect reason to pop your cherry. Check the invite.

All four of CTRL’s DJ’s, Jeff Prior, Adam Koussari-Amin, Devon Trotter and Brett Andriesen (the latter two affectionately known as the “Pocket Gays), are uniquely talented guys. And they’ve completely taken over all of Cobalt this time, including Level One, which will feature the mad beatz of the one and only DJ Della Volla.

The music is slightly off-the-beaten-path… songs you may not normally hear at your regular night at Town, or even Cobalt, (though there will be a few familiar tracks). But the boys of CTRL have their collective finger on the pulse of the audience and have never failed to get the house moving at a pace of about 130 beats per minute.

The cover’s only $5 (believe me, you’ve spent a lot more on things you’ve liked a lot less), plus drink specials including $3 PBR Tallboys, $5 rail drinks, and $4 Jameson shots. Look for me in the middle of the dance floor. Hope to see you all there.

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