WGES President Talks About Wind Power and Other Renewables

by Borderstan.com April 26, 2013 at 2:00 pm 0

From John Shannon, who writes about green energy, sustainable development and economics. Email him at john[AT]borderstan.com.


WGES is introducing new offers for residential customers. (Luis Gomez Photos)

Borderstan’s John Shannon interviews Harry Warren, the president of Washington Gas and Energy Services to find out more about the future of renewable energy in DC. Part I of the interview ran Wednesday.

Borderstan: Thank you for sharing your thoughts with Borderstan readers. Do you see WGES opportunities for renewable energy other than wind power?

Warren: Our parent company, WGL Holdings, is making very large investments in solar power, not only in the greater Washington, D.C. area, but around the country as well. Through affiliated companies like Washington Gas Energy Systems the corporation has invested more than $150 million. We own two large solar projects in D.C., a set of systems at Catholic University and another set at American University.

Borderstan: What WGES projects or plans are in the near future?

Warren: In the weeks ahead we are introducing some new offers for residential customers to allow them to buy renewable energy and carbon offsets in a packages suited to their needs.

We are offering new residential customers in Washington, D.C. a special WGES Green Energy Bundle, which includes both 100% WGES CleanSteps® WindPower and 100% WGES CleanSteps® Carbon Offsets. Customers that sign up not only help to improve air and water quality in their region, but they also receive a $75 VISA® Debit Card. DC residents can take advantage of this offer by going to www.wges.com/greenmeup and using the code: BUNDLEDC.

We are also offering a new product we call WGES Blanket Bill™ Plus. The Blanket Bill™ is a natural gas supply offer where each household receives a customized fixed monthly price for its entire gas bill including WGES natural gas supply charges, utility charges, taxes and all other fees. Unlike utility budget bills, there is never any true up or extra payment no matter what the weather. WGES Blanket Bill™ Plus customers also get 100% of their natural gas use matched with WGES CleanSteps® Carbon Offsets. To get a WGES Blanket Bill Plus quote, DC residents can request a quote for WGES Blanket Bill™ Plus by sending an email to blanketbill[AT]wgesinfo.com.

Read Part III of this interview this Monday, April 29.

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