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Scott Brooks: “twisted and offbeat, sentimental and disturbing.” (Luis Gomez Photos)

Last week, Mid City Artists opened their most recent exhibition at Art17, and ArtSee brought you and exclusive interview with Regina Miele.

Now, as Mid City Spring Open Studios nears on May 18 and 19, ArtSee brings you yet another exclusive. Scott G. Brooks, one of DC’s most recognizable figurative painters discusses the inspiration for his artwork, self-described as “twisted and offbeat, sentimental and disturbing.”

ArtSee: What is the last show you saw that inspired you?

Brooks:  It’s always inspiring to me to see what other people are doing. A lot of the work I see is online now a days, just sifting through those pages. The blogs mostly, like there’s just a lot of contemporary art blogs that I subscribe to, like Hi-Fructose, Juxtapoz, Arrested Motion.

ArtSee: What is the greatest inspiration for your art?

Brooks: My work is always figurative so I’m always on a search for inspiration, sometimes it’s unexpected and something happens in the news or you read about something and that will inspire me. And humor. I try to get in some humor because the themes are dark so I try to add some humor. So depending on the situation, there always is something that makes me smile and other people smile.

ArtSee: Who is your favorite artist?

Brooks: There’s a lot. Dave Cooper is fantastic. He’s very figurative but he comes from a comic book background so his work has that comic book sensibility but they’re dirty and fun and his technique and style are a lot of fun, very rich. Here in DC, Eric Sanberg is fantastic. He’s an amazing figurative painter. His themes are fun and kind of twisted. We’re friends and I really respect his skill.

ArtSee: Do you have a favorite place to see art in DC?

Brooks: National Gallery. Whenever I have a break, that’s where I’ll go to re-charge a bit. I’m looking forward to seeing the Pre-Raphaelites show but I haven’t been over there yet. I think it’s very similar [to my work], that’s an area and style and a look and a feel that I strive for. The Pre-Raphaelites and the Victorians are really inspirational to me.

Brook’s studio will be open to the public as part of the Mid City Artists Spring Studio Tours May 18 and 19.

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