Happy Mother’s Day!

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"Mother's Day"

Author Willis Shawver and his mother. (Courtesy Willis Shawver)

Don’t worry. Mother’s Day is this Sunday, so you haven’t missed it. There is still plenty of time to show your mother just how much you care, or to disappoint her like you usually do. So that raises the question, how does an individual properly thank someone for birthing them?

Lucky for you there are lots of ways to express your love and gratitude for Dear ol’ Mom. To help, I’ve ranked some popular Mother’s Day activities that fall somewhere in between “Best Child Ever!” and “You’re dead to me.” Here’s hoping you fall somewhere towards the top of this list.

1. An Open Hearts necklace. Don’t ever question the jewelry designing skills of Jane Seymour. Ever. (JK. Don’t buy an Open Hearts necklace.)

2. Give mom a visit. If you can swing it, seeing your mom in-person on Mother’s Day is a perfect way to celebrate. Take her out to dinner, or even better, brunch! Moms dig brunch. If your mom is local, check out Masa 14 or the Greenhouse at the Jefferson Hotel for some great brunch options here in the neighborhood.

3. Send flowers. Ok. So a trip to see mom is out of the question. No worries. Let a bouquet of flowers brighten her day in your absence. This isn’t Valentine’s Day though, so stay away from the roses. Mom’s like lilacs, irises, tulips, or perhaps some kind of blooming plant. If you’re really trying to impress, pull out all the stops and order her an Edible Arrangement.

4. Send a card. Necklaces, trips, and arranged food can be expensive. Greeting cards, on the other hand, are cheap and easily accessible. Take some extra time to write a personalized, heartfelt message in your card. Degree of difficulty: when was the last time you bought stamps?

5. Call your mother. That thing in your pocket that takes Instagram photos? That’s a phone. It can make actual phone calls. Use it. The least you can do this Mother’s Day is to give your mom a phone call.

6. Send a text. Did you just text “hpE mthRs dy. <3 U!” to your mother? Shame on you.

In conclusion, you should hand deliver your mom an Edible Arrangement with a card attached containing an Open Hearts necklace. Easy enough I think. Whether you travel, send flowers, or call, make sure you do something for mom this year. She’s earned it.

What am I going to do for my mom this Mother’s Day? Blog about it. Duh. Love you, Mom!

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