Are You Moving this Spring?

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Ready to pack. (Courtesy ELF Boxes)

There’s never a shortage of people moving into, out of, and around DC. That constantly moving lifestyle is the nature and part of the charm of this city. What isn’t charming is the act of moving itself.

Can you justify paying the expensive rates for some company to pack up and move your stuff for you? Can you stomach another trip to the grocery or liquor store to snag some of their used and hopefully not too gross cardboard boxes?

That’s where Elf Boxes comes in and takes your breath away as the middle ground you never even know existed. Operating with four different price tiers, Elf Boxes will deliver to your apartment (and pick up from your new place) a set number of hard and clean plastic moving boxes, dolly’s, labels and zipties, and give you two weeks to use those boxes.

Elf Boxes keeps their prices affordable by having you do the moving while they eliminate the hassle of finding dirty boxes to move with, the cost of buying packing materials that you’ll use once and then lose, and the time cost of building and/or breaking down boxes.

From Florida to DC

This family-owned business got it’s start recently in Florida and has now stretched up to our area with Pete Sanchez, one of the owners in this family run business. Sanchez has been working a regular policy job in DC since 2000 but thought of Elf Boxes as a great way to both work with his family and make a personal impact for the environment by cutting down on the deforestation that comes along with cardboard boxes.

Along with helping the environment, he’s trying to keep your apartment clean as well. “If you get your hands on used cardboard boxes for your move,” Sanchez said, “there’s a good chance that you’re going to end up with bugs hiding out in there. Elf Boxes are solid plastic and they’re cleaned after every use; they’re 100% safe and sterile.”

And beyond that bit of cleanliness and hygiene, there’s an extra environmental factor. Sanchez explains that no Elf Box materials end up in landfills. The boxes are reused constantly until the end of their lifecycle, at which point they are recycled and remade into new boxes.

As a final testament to customer happiness, Sanchez noted, “After using our boxes, nobody ever says they’ll go back to cardboard.”

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