Reader Poll: Where is DC’s Gay Neighborhood?

by Borderstan.com May 29, 2013 at 2:00 pm 5 Comments

For the past three years, in anticipation of Capital Pride, we’ve asked readers, “Where’s DC’s Gay Neighborhood?” The Dupont-Logan area is the center of LGBT pride events each year, including the parade, which runs from Dupont Circle, down 17th Street and then over to 14th Street NW in the Logan Circle neighborhood. (See this year’s slightly different parade route.)

Click here to take survey: Where is DC’s Gay Neighborhood in 2013? We will share the results with you next week.

We ask the question each year because DC’s gay population has been shifting eastward and northward from the one-time center around Dupont Circle.In the 1980s it began shifting to 17th Street, on the eastern end of Dupont — after being centered along Connecticut Avenue and P Street NW west of Dupont Circle.

"17th Street "Cobalt" "Borderstan

In the 1980s DC’s gay neighborhood began shifting eastward to 17th Street NW. (Luis Gomez Photos)

As we have asked in previous years, “Does DC still have a single gay neighborhood?” Is the LGBT population spreading out across the city at a slow but steady pace?

In the 2010, 2011 and 2012 Borderstan reader polls, the top choice of readers was Logan Circle. Last year 38% in 2012 said Logan Circle was the city’s primary gay neighborhood, with “Everywhere and Nowhere” in second place, and Dupont Circle in third place — with Shaw making big gains each year. (Results of previous reader polls are below.)

Today 17th Street is still generally recognized as DC’s “gay Main Street” — and only a few blocks from the Logan Circle neighborhood. But, overall, is the Logan Circle area the new Dupont Circle when it comes to all things gay?

Here’s how Borderstan voters responded the past three years.

Where is DC’s Gay Neighborhood?
Neighborhood 2012
Reader Poll
Reader Poll
Reader Poll
Logan Circle 38% 34% 38%
Everywhere and Nowhere 18% 22% 21%
Dupont Circle 13% 12% 14%
Shaw 9% 4% 2%
U Street 9% 8% 6%
This is such a 1970s question 8% 17% 18%
Columbia Heights 3% Not asked Not asked
Other 2%  3% 1%


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  • Dchome

    This is rather biased towards Borderstan’s territory. The survey doesn’t even include Capital Hill which has always been considered a gay area – PA Ave SE around the metro

    • SE Capitol Hill

      I agree. We’re lesbians, our next-door neighbors are gay, and there are gay people all over the place here. But that brings me to a distinction that should be made: are we talking about where gay people choose to live, or where the gay nightlife is? I’d say the nightlife is still in Dupont (and to a certain extent U Street) but most of us don’t live there.

    • Banned

      I think those days are done.

      And as much as I’d like to think Dupont is still the gayborhood, the reality hits me every day when I arrive at the metro to find it swamped by 20-something pasty girls wearing knit dresses and Tori Burch flats staring at their phones. It looks like I’m at the Clarendon metro station. And Logan Circle isn’t very different these days.

      I still say the 17th Street area is as much of a hood as we have anymore in terms of having predominately gay bars/restaurants. But generally it seems that younger gays do not feel compelled to stick to their own. I enjoy the Brixton as much as the next person. But I do long for the days where the straights preferred to live in Arlington and bridge/tunnel it for the weekend.

  • TomDC

    It’s leveled and laying under National’s Stadium.

    It was vibrant, wicked, and wonderful and drew people from NYC and Toronto.

  • L.C.

    I think the bigger answer is “Who Cares” We have worked so hard to not be pigeon holed, why keep us in a neighborhood any more? We are tour neighbors PERIOD!!!


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