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&pizza at 1250 U Street NW. (Luis Gomez Photos)

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&pizza soon to open on U Street. (Luis Gomez Photos)

The newest installment of H &pizza, simply named &pizza  is almost ready to make it’s presence felt on U Street. Located at 1250 U Street NW, the lease for the new space was signed at the end of last year with the idea that it would open some time in mid-May.

That time has clearly come and gone but judging from the flyers cropping up all around the neighborhood, the opening is coming soon.

Simply named &pizza according to a piece in the Washington Business Journal last March, the new pizza place will be opening at the old Quiznos location just a few steps away from the U Street metro. There were plenty of renovations going on to get the location into shape but they have since come to completion. The poster campaign currently seems to be the primary method for getting the word out about the impending opening.

A New Pizza Contender

&pizza is about to become another contender amongst the many Italian and pizza places recently opening up along 14th Street. Right in the area is Matchbox, PiolaGhibellina, and that’s just to name a few of the newest restaurants (we can’t forget about classic stand-bys like Manny & Olga’s).

What sets &pizza apart from the rest of these locations, speaking geographically, is that it will be located up on U Street instead of 14th. So when you’re hanging out on U Street or getting out of a show at the 9:30, &pizza just might be the first place that you see. Not to mention that &pizza is meant to be quick and easy, perfect for when it’s late, you’re hungry, but you also want to get home.

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