Take Your Dog to the Park, Then Out for a Drink

by Borderstan.com June 5, 2013 at 11:00 am 2 Comments


So many dogs, so many places to go. (Luis Gomez Photos)

From Sarah Griswold. Email her at sarahg[AT]borderstan.com.

Hi friends, and happy summer! With these past couple weeks of high temperatures, it finally feels like summer is upon us! With the warmer weather, we have all been getting out into the sunshine, and I’ve been seeing more and more of our furry friends out and about too.

So today I wanted to talk a little bit about the thriving pet culture we have here in DC. It seems that everywhere you look there are happy pups strolling along 17th Street NW or lounging on an outside patio over on P. It’s true, DC residents love their pets, and I want to talk about some of the best places to take your pooch along with you this summer.

First off, if you don’t have a dog but are exploring the options and breeds that would be best for you, or if you are looking for a buddy for your dog (I personally believe in the buddy system), I have researched the best “apartment dogs” for you. By “apartment dogs,” I mean what dogs do well with small spaces and don’t require a lot of maintenance. You might be surprised to learn that Great Danes top the list! They are known for being quiet, gentle and lazy giants. You will also find that Pugs, Greyhounds and English Bulldogs won’t require lots of exercise and tend to be relatively low maintenance.

Next, if you live in the District you really need to know about the nearby dog parks and what times they are open so your furry friend can socialize and also to get out of your tiny, but cute, partially remodeled with exposed brick and über chic +/- 600 square foot apartment and get some exercise.

I love the dog parks; they remind me of a big back yard from back home — something most of these dogs are not familiar with. A little piece of advice though — keep your eyes on your pup. You never know how those interactions with other dogs will go and you don’t want a full-scale dog fight on your hands.  Here are some of the dog parks in the area. For a complete list of dog parks, follow this link.

You may be wondering about some places you can take your dog for some socializing of your own. As it turns out, there are lots of places that welcome pets. Some key spots in our neighborhood are:

  • Logan Tavern, 1423 P Street NW
  • Commissary, 1443 P Street NW
  • Bar Pilar, 1833 14th Street NW
  • Hank’s Oyster Bar, 1624 Q Street NW
  • Ulah Bistro, 1214 U Street NW
  • Lauriol Plaza, 1835 18th Street NW
  • Cafe Dupont, 1500 New Hampshire Avenue NW

Check out this complete list of dog friendly spots in your local area.

Since we are all feeling the heat this summer, I encourage you to get out there and explore what options are available in your particular neighborhood so you and your pooch can get that vitamin D without getting too overheated.


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