My Father Gave Me His Music

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Did you get your mother one of those Edible Arrangements on Mother’s Day as I suggested? Did you at least call her? Good. Don’t get too comfortable though. Father’s Day is Sunday and you’re on the hook to do something nice for your other parental unit.


My father gave me his music, literally, in the form of vinyl. (Willis Shawyer)

Finding the right Father’s Day gift for dad can be difficult. There’s always brunch. Perhaps a round of golf at your local country club? How about an old bottle of scotch? All dads drink scotch, right? Just don’t get him a tie. He has enough ties.

Whether or not you decide to give your dad a gift on Father’s Day, at least take a moment to thank him. If you were fortunate like me, you had a father who was a positive influence on your life. Someone who taught you right from wrong. Someone who left their mark on your life.

My father gave me his music, literally. In the form of over a hundred vinyl records. During my childhood, I would paw through the stacks of his records and sample every genre of music. From Sly and the Family Stone to Elton John.

I’ll never forget the opening guitar riffs of Santana’s “Black Magic Woman,” or the blazing horns that kicked off the Chicago Transit Authority album. As a kid, I was blown away by the amount of sound The Who produced with songs such as “Baba O’riley.”

My dad wasn’t a hippie but there were some great folk albums from America and Peter, Paul and Mary that I loved. I can also thank my father for turning me on to George Harrison and his first amazing solo album, All Things Must Pass.

There were more than just the classic rock albums. There was the Ghostbusters soundtrack that I would rock out to in my room for hours at a time. Ray Parker Jr. anyone? If you weren’t jumping around on your bed dancin’ to the Ghostbusters theme you weren’t livin’!

And of course there was the Beatles. If you’re a fan of the Beatles you probably remember the first time you discovered their music. I was hooked when found the Red and Blue albums in my father’s record collection. You get to experience the early hits like “Love Me Do” and “Please Please Me“, and then quickly move into classics like “Here Comes the Sun” and Strawberry Fields Forever.”

It’s nice to be able to relive those memories from my childhood whenever I want. All I have to do is pick a record, fire up the record player and listen.

My father game me his music. Whatever it was for you, thank your pops for it. Happy Father’s Day, dad.

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