GoodShuffle: Making Good Use Of Your Unused Goods

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(Courtesy Good Shuffle)

Remember that drill you bought to install that shelf a year ago? The one you haven’t used since? The one sitting next to that unused ladder in your closet, taking up space in your small apartment? The one that cost $100 for about five minutes worth of work?

The guys over at GoodShuffle haven’t forgotten about that drill or that ladder and they want to put those items to good use for you. GoodShuffle is basically the AirBnb for your stuff that you’re not using. That drill I was talking about?

You list it on GoodShuffle’s website with the price that you’d be willing to charge to rent it out for a day. Then someone who needs a drill searches for it on the GoodShuffle website, finds your listing, and then you and that person arrange for pick-up and return.

All the money is handled is through GoodShuffle, so lenders don’t need to worry about payment and renters don’t need to worry about being overcharged. And yes, there are ways to ensure your things don’t get stolen.

Goods That Shuffle

As a new service ready to launch in Beta mode, GoodShuffle is also looking to team up with local businesses. It benefits smaller shops in the community and also ensures that the virtual shelves are lined for use right away. As the service gets off the ground, the focus will be on the 14th Street corridor, with the idea of expanding to the larger Borderstan area and then even further beyond that as interest dictates.

“You don’t want to be catching up to the wave,” co-founder Erik Dreyer said, “and we feel we’re at the front of this wave.” The service that GoodShuffle provides doesn’t feel revolutionary because it just makes sense. You and your neighbors need certain things that you and your neighbors have and aren’t using everyday. Why not share those things, make a buck, and get to know the people around you?

Without making broad sociological statements, we used to know our neighbors better than we do these days. We’ve traded some local connections for global connections to the point where it seems easier to shop for a $100 drill instead of asking a friendly neighbor to borrow hers for an afternoon. GoodShuffle isn’t about complete altruism – they want you to financially benefit from your goods – but isn’t it great to do that while reconnecting to your neighborhood?

The Story Behind GoodShuffle

Erik Dreyer and Andrew Garcia are the co-founders of GoodShuffle. The idea for GoodShuffle began when Andrew moved to DC from Austin, where he had been a promoter and DJ. He brought his DJ equipment with him but it simply lingered in his apartment, not being used and taking up space. It was expensive equipment and there was no point in just getting rid of it, so Andrew began to think of ways that the equipment could be utilized by others while still being beneficial to him. And the idea behind GoodShuffle was born.

If you’re interested in being a Beta tester, you can sign up on the GoodShuffle homepage.

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