U Street Movie Series Kick off at Harrison Field

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The U Street Movie Series at Harrison Recreation Center (Luis Gomez Photos).

Star Wars Uncut will be playing at the Harrison Recreation Center (between 13th and 14th Streets on V Street NW) to kick off the U Street Movie Series. Harrison field is under renovations right now but the field is open for the movie series. The gates open at 7 pm, and a DJ will play until sundown when the movie starts.

Three years ago, a group of Star Wars fans decided to remake Star Wars: A New Hope out of fan-generated scenes. Now, the Star Wars Uncut project has come to fruition.  The Director’s Cut, a two-hour+ YouTube video created entirely by crowdsourcing. It will play at the U Street Movie Series Kick off Wednesday evening, June 19.

When fans were encouraged by organizer and fan Casey Pugh to recreate the Star Wars movie in 15-second segments, they were given free reign to do whatever they wanted. Out of the thousands of wildly creative scenes, video editor Aaron Valdez and sound designer and mixer Bryan Pugh picked the best of the bunch, putting together this whimsical Director’s Cut, a rip-roaring re-creation of the George Lucas film.

Upcoming Movies

  • July 17 – The Nine Lives of Marion Barry
  • August 21 – Summer Wars (anime)
  • September 18 – The Legend of Cool “Disco” Dan

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