The Sunshine District: Music Venue With Listening Stations

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Not your old radio. (Luis Gomez Photos)

When thinking of live music venues, listening stations are generally not the first things that come to mind. But The Sunshine District, a new venue opening up this Saturday, June 22, is looking to change that. Located at 2010 9th Street NW, this brand new, two-story, two-stage venue is looking to bring something new and something local to the music scene.

Local Music Listening Stations

The reasoning behind the listening stations is that DC has a quality local music scene but it isn’t always easy to learn or hear about these bands. There’s a lot of local music and lot of national acts that come careening through this city, so it can be difficult for bands to be discovered. Enter the Local Music Listening Stations.

There will be five listening stations at The Sunshine District, each one with a CD player and a record player. There will also, naturally, be a selection of CDs and vinyl, all supplied by local artists. This means that patrons will be able to listen to some good new music and local artists have a new method of being discovered. What more could you ask for in a new music venue?

Drinks To Match The Music

Oh, you could ask for specialty drinks based off local music acts? Well luckily for you, they have that covered. The specialty drinks at The Sunshine District include: The Time Columns (Band: Time Columns), The Echo Wallbanger (Band: The Echo Wall), Good Clean Fun (Band: Good Clean Fun), MacKaye Side of Things (Musician: Ian MacKaye) and more. You get to see live bands, discover local acts in the listening stations and get a slight history lesson at the bar. Sounds like my kind of venue.

You can find out more about the drinks, the venue, upcoming acts, and even possibly win a spot on the guest list plus one for the soft opening on Friday, the 21st, by checking out The Sunshine District’s Facebook page.

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