Meridian Hill Residents Petition Against Proposed Development by Meridian International Center

by Tim Regan July 7, 2015 at 2:00 pm 1,429 8 Comments

Photo via Meridian Hill PetitionA new online petition being put forth by a group of Meridian Hill residents is urging the Historic Preservation Review Board (HPRB) to reject a proposed development planned by the Meridian International Center.

The proposed development, as outlined in an HPRB report from April, would be composed of a nine-story apartment building at 1624 Crescent Place NW. The building would also include conference and office space for Meridian International Center employees.

Residents say they oppose the development because its current design is “not compatible with the Meridian Hill Historic District and adjacent Meridian International [Center].”

One of the residents’ chief concerns is that the proposed building would loom over the neighborhood.

“Our hope is that they will decrease the size,” says Carl Schmid, Meridian Hill resident and co-organizer of the petition.

Other concerns include the loss of greenery at the proposed construction site and a design clash with nearby historic buildings.

“We realized something will be built there,” Schmid says. “But we want to make sure it respects the historic nature of the neighborhood and would be more compatible with the neighboring buildings.”

Some residents have already weighed in on the online petition form.

“The proposed building would degrade the environment in terms of traffic, air-pollution, green space, crowding, parking and safety,” wrote Jaroslav Stetkevych, a homeowner and senior citizen living in the neighborhood.

Another resident, Laura MacDonough, wrote that “the design of the building is fundamentally inconsistent with the historic character of the neighborhood.”

Signatures and comments will be accepted until July 16. Meridian Hill residents will present their concerns to the HPRB during its July 23 hearing.

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