Longtime Caribbean Lounge Closes on U Street

by Jared Holt July 8, 2015 at 11:45 am 4,978 14 Comments


A longtime family-owned Caribbean restaurant and lounge has left U Street.

The Islander last week set sail from its location at 1201 U St NW after 46 years of operation.

The closing follows the June departure of “Da Queen” Chef Addie, who worked as the restaurant’s chef since its opening in 1970.

A Borderstan reporter met The Islander owner Curtis Green yesterday afternoon, but Green said he’d rather comment at a later date.

Green did not say what might replace the business.

  • DC_daddy

    Insiders used to refer to the restaurant as “Addie’s.” I didn’t care for their food except the rotis but have great memories of going there 14 years ago to celebrate our offer on a house in the neighborhood being accepted. Hats off to the owner and staff for serving our community for so long.

  • wouldn’tyouliketoknow

    It’s funny that there’s a woman with her yoga mat (probably wearing Lululemon) in the photo. Gentrification personified!

    • KM King


    • sixstories

      Oh please this has nothing to do with gentrification. It has everything to do with their food being awful and not worth the ridiculous wait. When they had bands the sound was awful in there. Gentrification has nothing to do with an owner not being able to run a successful business.

      • tr_gina

        So you’re saying 46 years is a failure? Just so we are on the same page.

    • sixstories

      If its closing is such a loss to you then maybe you and your friends should have supported them more before they had to close from lack of business rather than whining on the internet after the fact and blaming gentrification.

      • G.CHRIS

        “Support” has nothing to do with the tripling of rent that happens once gentrification starts. The man had a successful business for 46 years for a reason.

    • KnowWhatYou’reTalkingAbout

      The yoga business opened just across the street and seems to be very popular with nearby residents for a couple of years. Are you suggesting that “gentrification” is the reason why the restaurant closed? If so, and gentrification means “It’ll be quieter because there won’t be people screaming at the top of their lungs all night and rats jumping out of the dumpster,” then please do bring on the gentrification.

      • DD

        Of course the neighborhood had to change to accommodate *you*

      • tr_gina

        DC is rat INFESTED. Unless you gut the entire city…dig trenches and let it set for 10-20 years before starting over…there will ALWAYS be rats. It’s 8,453 (exaggeration) restaurants/clubs/bars on U street…and you blame THIS 46 year establishment for the screaming people, etc.?!? OH, and when the yoga studio has reached 46 years of successful business … let’s talk.

    • wouldn’tyouliketoknow

      Haha. I was making a joke but sure, go ahead and have a full on angry internet battle. I’m out…

    • G.CHRIS

      The soul of DC is dying everywhere and being replaced with boring $500K condos. A travesty in it’s truest form.

  • Disgusted Wth These Comments

    It amazes me at the posts on here. I have been going to the Islander for many years. Never did I hear people screaming at the top of their lungs all night. It may have happen, but then again it may have been customers from the many other bars, clubs, etc up and down U St. Rats jumping out of dumpsters is not and was not an Islander only issue. Please tell me in this rat infested city, where there are not rats. Give me a break! Yes, gentrification had somethinbg to do with it. Then again, Addies and her family might have just been tired.

    • Chocolate City Native

      Amen!!!! 🙂


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