Woman Spotted Climbing Onto Tracks at Dupont Circle Metro Stop

by Tim Regan August 14, 2015 at 9:45 am 0

A woman was spotted climbing onto the tracks at the Dupont Circle Metro station, reported local transportation blogger Unsuck DC Metro earlier this morning.

In a series of photographs sent to Unsuck DC Metro by a user identified as “William,” a woman can be seen climbing down onto the tracks and posing for a photo.

WMATA spokeswoman Sherri Ly said that, while the agency wasn’t aware of that specific incident, it wasn’t particularly surprised that it occurred.

“It’s not necessarily uncommon,” Ly said.

“We’ve had this happen numerous times in a week,” Ly added. “Sometimes, people drop their cell phones or their wallets. It’s so important to them that they will go down onto the tracks to retrieve whatever it is. It does happen more frequently than the public may realize.”

Image via Unsuck DC Metro


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