D.C. Not So Honest, Says Bethesda-Based Tea Brand

by Tim Regan August 25, 2015 at 10:30 am 1 Comment

Leave a dollar, take a tea in Dupont Circle

D.C.’s honesty just got dissed by a Bethesda-based tea brand.

As part of an unscientific quest to find the most honest cities in the country, Honest Tea set up an honor system tea stand in Dupont Circle last month. The instructions were clear: take tea, drop money in a box.

Now, the results are in: Only 94 percent of people in D.C. paid for the tea, making D.C. the 17th most-honest city in the U.S. out of 26.

To add insult to injury, Honest Tea says D.C. was the only city in which people actually stole money from the payment box, a first for the program’s history.

Despite the low ranking, our city performed on par with the national honesty average, Honest Tea says, and stiff competition from Atlanta (100 percent), Indianapolis (99 percent) and San Diego (97 percent) set the bar fairly high.

And it could have been worse: According to the results, the least honest city in the program was Providence, R.I., with 83 percent.

  • Borderstannis Baratheon

    Is there even a legal obligation to pay for something left on the sidewalk next to a box? Is it considered theft if you just take one? Or take money out of the box, for that matter?

    DC residents aren’t dishonest. We aren’t suckers. Big difference.


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