Police Commander Calls for Unity After Union Votes ‘No Confidence’ in Lanier

by Tim Regan August 31, 2015 at 3:20 pm 0

Lanier_Sept_2010_U_Street-w597-h556A D.C. Police Commander is calling for unity among his fellow officers following a police union survey that resulted in a vote of no confidence for Chief Cathy Lanier.

The survey results, released this morning, found that 97.5 percent of the 1,150 officers who responded to the survey answered no to the question: “Do you have confidence that Chief Cathy Lanier is able to properly manage the resources of the Metropolitan Police Department and keep the citizens safe?”

Less than a third of the police union’s members responded to the survey.

“We’ve been forced into a corner of lackluster, feckless, inefficient enforcement and been required to stand by and watch while the leaders of the department doubled-down on their stop-gap, gimmicky tactics,” the union wrote in a press release regarding the survey.

In an e-mail sent to the Metropolitan Police Department’s Third District listserv this afternoon, Commander Jacob Kishter said he was proud of his district’s progress over the year.

“Let me start by thanking all of the officers across the city for all the excellent police work that has occurred this year,” Kishter said. “Year to date we have a 2 percent reduction in crime. We will continue to build on our successes.”

“Chief Cathy L. Lanier promoted me to district commander over six years ago and has entrusted me to provide my officers and the community that we serve with the leadership, resources, and direction to effectively do our jobs,” continued Kishter. “Each district commander has the autonomy to deploy his or her own resources and strategies.

Kishter then praised the department’s anti-crime tactics.

“Foot, bike, and segway patrols and yes, even ‘lemonade stands’ at times have been very successful to drive crime down and to keep the community safe and also feel safe,” he added. “Different situations require different tactics.”

Kishter also addressed the union survey head-on.

“Many of you may be aware that the Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) held a vote of ‘No Confidence’ over this past weekend for the Chief of Police, which in reality includes all of the management, the FOP itself, and the entire Metropolitan Police Department as a whole,” he said.

“It’s time to stop creating a divide and start uniting to make this city safer.  Without a doubt, we have the best police department in the country and the best leadership operating it,” Kishter concluded.


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